Another One Done

I’m always so excited to have the opportunity to work my longarm quilting magic on a customer’s quilt. I recently finished one for Pam R. You may remember seeing photos of her other quilt that I named Orange and Raspberry Sherbert.

Pam R Sherbet_9482 Pan R Sherbet_9478 Pam R Sherbet_9421

The quilt I just finished looks totally different. The colors are much more subdued yet the pattern is very similar if not the same. I would describe the color scheme for her second quilt as earthy.

For this quilt Pam chose a geometric stitch pattern and a neutral toned thread. Here’s how Pam’s quilt looked when I was finished.


I thoroughly enjoyed working with Pam and her quilt and I’m looking forward to stitching on the two new quilts she recently dropped off.

Thanks so much for sharing your time! I look forward to your return visit.

Cindy Anderson


A Quilt for Lola

My friend Deb entrusted me with two more of her quilts. One was destined for a female friend and the other for a young man. The first quilt, which was assembled for Lola, carried with it a very special message. You see Lola was going to receive treatment for breast cancer.

Deb wanted Lola to have a home-made quilt to wrap herself in while she received chemotherapy. The window of opportunity for the quilt to be completed was small so I bumped it ahead of my other waiting candidates.

I tried getting a little extra creative by stitching words of encouragement around the outside perimeter of the quilt, in the border. Among the words that I used were hope, joy, love, courage and strength. In the body of the quilt I stitched a flowing design of swirls along with Lola’s name and one flower.

Here’s how Lola’s quilt looked when I was finished.

Lolas Quilt

A Quilt for Lola

Lolas Quilt Back

The Back of Lola’s Quilt

Lolas Quilt_3

A Swirl on Lola’s Quilt

Lolas Quilt_2

Thank you Deb for allowing me once again to add pizzazz to one of your works of art!

Cindy Anderson of In A Stitch Quilting

Miss M’s Quilt is Finished

After months and months of work I’m happy to report that a quilt for Miss M. has also been finished. I’ve been busily applying finishing touches to as many of my own projects as possible. As is usually the case my things are set aside to make way for customer quilts. Miss M’s was one of those.

Delivery of this quilt took place on the same day and in the same fashion as Miss L’s. Miss M was of course over-the-top excited to receive her very own Nana quilt. After making the delivery her mother shared that she could be seen walking around the house with the quilt draped around her.

How special to have had the opportunity to make a quilt for her. I just know she will be thrilled with it for years to come.

Please enjoy the following photos

Miss M Quilt RevealMiss M

Miss M QuiltMiss M’s Quilt

Miss M Quilt BackThe Back of Miss M’s Quilt

Miss M Quilt Stitch SampleFlowers for Miss M

Miss M PillowSweet Dreams Miss M

Miss L and Miss M with QuiltsAll Smiles!

Cindy Anderson