What Should I Pack

In a few days I will once again be packing for an adventure. The destination is my lcitw (little cabin in the woods).

The process of packing for these trips begins long before departure. Each retreat has a unique itinerary. This one will include time for playing with fabric.

Packing for everything but my sewing adventures is easy to accomplish because the list seldom changes. Packing for a sewing adventure is much more difficult; much more laborious.

Relocating my sewing studio from my spacious quarters in my home to my compact space in my lcitw takes a lot of planning. First on my list is deciding which projects to take. Once I have that narrowed down (do you really think that’s remotely possible) I can focus on gathering the needed gadgets and supplies. Just as with packing outfits for the trip, I almost always pack way too much.

Going with me on this trip are the commissioned quilts as well as supplies to create art pieces. The two commissioned quilts really need to take precedence. Sticking with that train of thought will be challenging but I will do my best to stay focused. Here’s a photo of the two projects that will definitely make the trip.

I’m over the top excited to be making this trip! Wish me luck!

Cindy Anderson of In A Stitch Quilting

I Didn’t Make It!

I just got home from my monthly shopping trip at Quilt-agious to collect my one yard of free fabric.

While I tried really hard (well at least for the first few seconds) to refrain from purchasing more fabric, I must admit I failed. But, I’m not sad at all. Who can complain about spending money on only two yards of fabric anyway? In fact, I think I did quite good.

Here’s what I purchased. Now remember, one of these three yards was free.


Not to bad I’d say!

Last month was a different story. I didn’t even come close to bringing home only one yard of fabric. I went way past my goal. I even did a bit of shopping on-line at Artistic Artifacts and at Mill House Quilts in Waunakee, as well as several other shops.

Here’s what was added to my fabric stash in June

There’s quite a variety of colors and patterns represented by these fabrics. Just imagine how wonderful they will look in my new art pieces.

Thanks for sharing your time with me! I look forward to our next visit.

Cindy Anderson of In A Stitch Quilting


Yard Number Two


First_Year_Quilt_2I’m about to set out on my second trip to Quilt-agious in Mukwonago. The purpose of this trip is to acquire my second of twelve free yards of fabric. I will be joining my friend Barb M and her traveling companion Marcia. My mantra is to only come home with my free fabric. That means I am going to resist all temptation to make any other purchases. Let’s see how I do. Wish me luck!


Cindy Anderson of In A Stitch Quilting