Lift or Glide?

What's Your Style

Now that is a very strange question isn’t it!

I have been asking a series of sewing and quilting questions. This is the fifth question in the series.

What is a lifter and what is a glider you might ask? Well, a lifter is someone that lifts their iron up from the fabric before moving onto another area. A glider continuously moves the iron across the fabric without lifting.

When pressing fabric or seams for a quilt it is better to lift rather than glide the iron. Gliding the iron can lead to distorted or stretched fabrics, seams and blocks. I am a lifter. 🙂

Time to register your habit. Are you are a glider or a lifter?

Thank you for your participation!




Flip or No Flip

What's Your Style

We have been discussing aspects of sewing for several weeks now. How do you like the series so far?

The topic for today’s discussion is seams. Seams are created when two or more pieces of fabric are joined together. When rows of quilt blocks are stitched together a sandwich is made by laying the bottom row right side up, and the top row right side down. The two rows are then joined together with a line of stitching. After completing the stitching the new unit is removed from the machine. After removing the new unit I always look on the back side to see if my seams are laying in the proper direction. Sometimes a seam might flip and unfortunately end up facing the wrong way. That drives me bonkers! Argh! I wish they would all behave and stay in line. It’s almost like trying to hurd cats and we all know how successful that is. I almost always reach for my seam ripper and open up the seam to fix them.

So here is the question for today:

If you find that one or more of your seams has flipped do you remove the stitching and fix it?