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Did I Read That Correctly?

All of my art pieces are given a name. The names are then recorded on a label and hand-stitched to the back of the item. It’s not unusual for me to make multiple labels at the same time because I often stockpile my art quilts until I have several ready to be bound and labeled.

Historically I never have troubles matching the labels with the appropriate art piece. Once the label is created I pin it to the art piece so that it will be handy when it’s time to add it to the back.

Recently I was reviewing the cataloged photos of my finished quilts. As I examined the label on one of them I had to stop myself to take a second look. The label stitched to the backing didn’t have the proper name. I then went looking for the quilt that should have received that label. Sigh! I had totally messed up. I was so disappointed. I had never mislabeled a quilt before. Take a look!

What really gets me is that I blogged about both of these quilts, edited and imported their photos and yet I still didn’t catch it. The icing on the cake is that you didn’t either. 🙂 Oops! Obviously I wasn’t thinking when I added the labels. If I had been, they never would have been mixed up.

Now I have to decide what I will do about it. As you can tell from the photos the labels are securely fastened. The extra steps I took to anchor them to the backing has complicated the process of removal. There is extra space on each of the labels that could be used to write the correct names. Being a neat-freak that idea doesn’t sit too well. Neither does the amount of work it would take to remove and replace the labels.

Here’s where you come in. I would like to hear what you would do.

  1. Would you leave them as is?
  2. Would you cross out the incorrect name and write the appropriate one above?
  3. Would you completely remove the label and create a new one?

Share your thoughts in a comment. I look forward to reading your responses.

Thank You for stopping by!

Cindy Anderson
Cindy Anderson



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My Window Box

The Birth of a QAL

Window Box is the quilt that started the ball rolling for our current Mystery QAL. Tracy at It’s A T-Sweets Day read my initial post and fell in love with the QAL idea. Together we designed and implemented a new QAL. The rest is history.

A Little Background

My quilt began its journey darn near twenty-one months ago. That’s probably not too unusual for most quilts. Works of Art take time and I think this quilt certainly falls under that definition.

Back in June of 2016 I went on a shopping adventure with a group of ladies. Purchased by each of us was a piece of this fabric.

Challenge Fabric
Challenge Fabric

Jointly we decided to challenge ourselves to create a project using the fabric. The goal was to finish our piece, then gather again in six months for show and tell. Sadly the meeting never took place. In fact, I don’t even know if my traveling companions made something with their fabric.

My Commitment

I was determined to follow-through on my commitment. I searched my quilting books looking for a suitable pattern until I found the Window Box in a publication called Color Shuffle: New Quilts from Karla Alexander.

Getting Started

With my pattern selected it was time to pull fabrics. From my stash I found an abundance of possible candidates. After narrowing down my options I got to work slicing and shuffling, then stitching them together.

The process from piles of fabric to finished quilt top took six months.

I finished the top while on a sewing retreat during the summer of 2017. The completed top waited patiently to be quilted until mid December.

The Finished Quilt

I had so much fun when I finally had the opportunity to quilt it. Using a brightly colored, variegated thread I stitched a straight-line geometric pattern.

I’m so thrilled to reveal my quilt. Please enjoy the following photos.

Window Box Quilt
Window Box Closeup # 1
Window Box Closeup # 2
Window Box Closeup # 3
Window Box Closeup # 4
Window Box Quilt Backing & Label

As you can tell by the volume of photos I am head-over-heals in love with my quilt. I’m so glad I decided to use the fabric color combinations that I chose. I’m also very, very thrilled with the quilting. I just can’t say enough about how pleased I am with the finished product.

The Inspiration

How cool that this Window Box quilt has been the inspiration for another QAL. Even more exciting is the fact that I am not the only one participating and actually making something this time. 🙂

On to the next reveal!

Thank You!

Thank You so much for sharing your time with me! I always look forward to our visits. Talk with you soon!



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Window Box Quilt

Free Fabric

In June of 2016 my name was chosen as the lucky winner to receive 12 yards of free fabric. The 12 yards would be collected one yard at a time over the course of 12 months. The last month I was eligible was May of this year. The very first time I went to collect my free fabric I met three other friends at the fabric store. While shopping we discovered we all liked the same bolt of fabric. The fabric, as shown in this photo, is the one on the top of the pile.


A Challenge

Since we all liked the same fabric we thought it would be fun to have a challenge. We decided jointly to meet up again in December of 2016 with our finished art piece. The idea of a challenge seemed fun and easily attainable. But, you know how easy it is to put those plans on the back burner. The date for our group rendezvous was moved several times. Sadly, as of today it has never been rescheduled.

Pattern Chosen

Even though our group activity has never taken place I was still bound and determined to conquer my goal. I set out to find a pattern and coordinating fabrics to utilize in my quest. After leafing through pages and pages of quilting books I finally decided to use the Window Box pattern from the book Color Shuffle by Karla Alexander. I’ve included a link to the authors website. Unfortunately the book is no longer available from her. All of the fabrics, except for the challenge piece, were taken from my stash.

Progress Made

In February of this year, with the Super Bowl on in the background, I gathered up my supplies and started my quilt (On My Table Today). These are some of the fabrics I chose along with photos of a few quilt blocks.

Window Box Yellows
Window Box Yellows
Window Box Aquas
Window Box Aquas/Teals
Window Box Quilt Square
Window Box Quilt Square Ready to be Stitched
Window Box Quilt Blocks
Window Box Quilt Blocks

I’m happy to report that all 80 of the quilt block have been assembled and my quilt top is now ready for quilting. Once that part is accomplished I will bring you an update. On to the next project.

Cindy Anderson

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On My Table Today

My day has been filled with a variety of tasks. On the much desired side is this project. I started working on it during the super bowl. Obviously this is only one small piece and does not in any way represent the amount of work that has gone into the project as a whole. I originally introduced you to the inception of this vision way back here. You’ll have to check back if you want to watch my momentum and read more about the entire quilt. This photo is just meant to be a teaser and my way of saying hello today.

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FREE Fabric!!!

Last Friday I had the pleasure of spending the day with two of my classmates from the retreat I attended in May plus one more fabric enthusiast. Two of the shoppers, Nancy and Eileen, came from Madison. Barb, my roommate at the retreat, lives in Milwaukee.

Our rendezvous was a fabric shop in Mukwonago, Wisconsin. Mukwonago is approximately sixty minutes, give or take a few, from my home. If you aren’t a fabric nut like I am you probably are wondering why I would drive so far to purchase material; especially when there are vendors near by. To that thought I would give four responses.

  1. The closest merchant to me sells discount fabric. I like low prices but not low quality.
  2. I prefer fabrics that do not fall into the “Civil War” era for color and design.
  3. It’s FUN!
  4. I could receive FREE fabric there!

Free? Yes, I said free! Back in May I went to the Mukwonago quilt shop known as Quilt-agious to participate in their second birthday celebration. While there I registered for their drawing. The lucky winner of the drawing would be entitled to one yard of free fabric for the next twelve months. That translates into twelve yards of free fabric. Who wouldn’t love to take advantage of that opportunity!

To my surprise, on May 17, 2016, I received a very exciting phone call. The caller ID identified the incoming call as originating from Mukwonago. As I raised my phone to answer, my heart started to race. Could it possibly be? The caller identified herself as being from the quilt shop. When she announced I was the winner of the prize I was overjoyed. I couldn’t believe it! I had won their awesome prize.

Friday was the day chosen to meet my friends to retrieve my first yard of fabric. The four of us had a wonderful time exploring the shop, caressing the fabric and comparing notes on which ones were our favorites. There were many fabrics that we all adored. One in particular was chosen by all of us as worthy to purchase. It’s the one shown below.


Shopping often works up an appetite. Not more than two doors down was the restaurant where we grabbed a bite to eat. Before finishing our meal, new plans were hatched to check out two more fabric shops. Both were fairly close to one another. Their close proximity made it easy to justify the additional browsing.

While brainstorming about fabric combinations, at our second destination, an idea began to develop. Since all four of us had purchased a section of the same fabric we decided this would be the perfect opportunity to challenge one another to use that fabric. All four of us agreed to participate. The only two requirements were that the fabric needed to be in the challenge piece and it needed to be finished by December of 2016. Any other fabrics or embellishments added were at the designers discretion.

I think it would be safe to say that all four of us had a wonderful time shopping, eating and sharing conversation. Setting up the fabric challenge was just icing on the cake.

Normally I would give updates on my project as it progresses but, since my friends just may be stalking my website, I can’t afford to give them any sneak peeks. Just like them you will have to wait.