I LOVE it!! It’s exactly what I had in mind! — Carissa C.

I had the goofiest grin on my face all the way home and am already plotting my next quilt for you to quilt. 🙂 Thank you, thank you for doing such an amazing job on my quilt–even my husband was impressed! 🙂 –Carissa C.

I chose you because . . . I know that you read my blog and therefore had a good sense of my taste and style, I trusted that you would probably at least quilt it better than I could on my own machine. But those were my minimum expectations. The end result that you created is far, FAR better than I could have done and adds so much rich interest to this quilt top that I already loved and made it SO much more interesting and beautiful. –Carissa C.

Truly, I feel giddy every time I see it! –Carissa C.

When I came to meet you and bring you the project you were so welcoming and open to taking the time to look at my work and talk to me/listen to me share my quilting experiences. –Cindy C.

I am so pleased with the work you did on my project. It is beautiful! –Cindy C.

I would not hesitate to call you again and have you do more quilting for me. –Cindy C.

Hi Cindy! Just wanted to thank you again for the beautiful quilting! I’m thrilled with how it turned out! Looking forward to making more quilt tops and then sending them your way 🙂 –Kari M.

Hi Cindy, I finished up the 2 Jason quilts and delivered them…She loved them…The more I looked at them, the more details I saw in the quilting. You did such an amazing job, I want to thank you again. Deb G.


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