I have Warm & Natural batting available for purchase. The material is 90″ wide. I charge .0018 cents per square inch. My minimum charge is $10

Sample Calculation:

  • If your quilt measures 65 x 80″ you will be charged for a piece that measures 75 x 90”. The 75” is a combination of the quilt’s length plus ten inches. The extra length is needed to properly install the quilt on the machine. The extra inches in width are because the Warm & Natural batting measures 90” wide.
  • To determine the square inches multiply 75 x 90 = 6750 square inches.
  • 6750 x .0018 = $12.15


There is no charge for standard thread. Specialty threads will be charged at a mutually agreed upon rate. 


Quilting Per Square Inch

  • Minimum Fee = $50.00 + Sales Tax
  • Level One = $0.018 + Sales Tax (Edge to edge, one pattern, one thread color)
  • Level Two = $0.027 + Sales Tax (Up to two stitch patterns used & up to two thread colors)
  • Level Three = $0.041 + Sales Tax (Custom quilting, multiple stitch patterns used, more than two thread colors used)


Please make certain your quilt top and backing arrive neatly pressed. If the quilt is not machine ready a $25/hour + sales tax fee may be charged.

Please Note:

All fees are subject to change without notice.

If you would like to receive a quote or have further questions you may contact me at cindy[at]inastitchquilting[dot]com.

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