Please make certain your quilt top and backing arrive neatly pressed. If the quilt is not machine ready a $25/hour + sales tax fee may be charged.


Batting Per Square Inch (Length x Width)

I have Warm & Natural batting available for purchase. The material is 90″ wide.

  • Minimum charge = $10.00 at  $0.0017104167 per square inch

Sample Calculation:

  • If your quilt needs a 65″ x 80″ piece of batting you will be charged for 65″ x 90″.
  • 65 x 90 = 5850 square inches.
  • 5850 x .0017104167 = $10.00



There is no charge for standard thread. Specialty threads will be charged at a mutually agreed upon rate. 


Quilting Per Square Inch

  • Minimum Fee = $50.00 + Sales Tax
  • Level One = $0.018 + Sales Tax (Edge to edge, one pattern, one thread color)
  • Level Two = $0.027 + Sales Tax (Up to two stitch patterns used & up to two thread colors)
  • Level Three = $0.041 + Sales Tax (Custom quilting, multiple stitch patterns used, more than two thread colors used)

Please Note: All fees are subject to change without notice.

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