In A Stitch Quilting, The Company

Early in 1990 I discovered quilting through a class at our local technical school. The instructor introduced us to both hand as well as machine quilting. Back them machine quilting was done on a conventional sewing machine.

I found both methods enjoyable as well as therapeutic—but only on my smaller projects. Manipulating larger items almost always overwhelmed me with the awarkwardness of their size and the weight of their layers. With hand quilting not an option and quilting on a conventional sewing machine my second least favorite technique, my unfinished quilt tops were neatly folded and stacked on a shelf for many years.

Early in 2012 I was introduced to longarm quilting. The term longarm refers to the rods or arms that a quilting machine glides on. These longarms are what make it possible to easily apply stitches without having to manually manipulate fabric. They also give the operator a much larger area to quilt at any one time.

My fascination with longarm quilting rapidly grew into an obsession. In no time I purchased my own machine and started a business offering longarm quilting services to others.

My longarm quilting is done without a computer. This means every stitch is applied through manual manipulation. The process of applying quilting stitches through manual movement is often referred to as free motion quilting. I prefer this technique because I think it yields a more personal, artistic outcome. My method of longarm quilting results in a unique look with no two quilts having the same appearance.

They say a photo is worth a thousand words. Don’t let my confidence in my abilities be the only proof you need to choose me as your provider. You will find examples of my work in my Gallery

My rates for quilting can be found here.

Let me quilt your next project. To initiate a discussion you may reach me at cindy[at]inastitchquilting[dot]com.