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Navigating My Online Store he

Floating Triangles, AP 199

A Desire To Sell:

I’ve always wanted the opportunity to sell my art to fellow enthusiasts. Some of my items are currently available for purchase at Raven’s Wish Gallery in Janesville, Wisconsin. Not too long ago I made the decision to open an online shop. The store is hosted via WooCommerce on my WordPress website.

Let’s explore my Shop!

Navigating My Shop On A Desktop/Laptop:

If you navigate my blog via desktop, you will find a line of menu options just below my logo. Situated about halfway across is a link to my Shop. If you click on that link you will be taken to a new screen. There you will find three browsing categories:

Budget Friendly

Poppies, AP 153




Mounted on Canvas.

Belly Button, AP 144

When this journal entry was written there were only three categories on display. Coming in the near future are: Wall Quilts with two subcategories of Small and Large.

Navigating My Shop On A Cellphone:

Those that browse my blog on a cellphone will be able to navigate to my online Shop by clicking on the Menu button in the top right corner. There you will find the same list of options. To be taken to my store simply click on the word Shop.

Shall We Explore The Categories?

When I initially setup my shop I didn’t assign categories to my inventory; mostly because I really didn’t know what I was doing. LOL! As I became more acquainted with the application I began to understand how important it was to simplify the shopping experience and what tools were available to help me with that process. This delayed discovery unfortunately meant going back to each item and modifying the already added inventory. While the process was tedious, I believe its value far outweighs the effort.

For the most part, the names of the categories describe what type of items can be purchased at that location. The only exception is the Colors category. If you click on that link you will discover that there are twenty-one additional sections. To help narrow your search I have categorized each of my available art pieces by color.

Budget Friendly is the designation I gave to a grouping of items that I believe will fit smaller budgets.

Mounted On Canvas currently has only one subcategory, 8”x10”. In the future I will add other canvas sizes.

I Hope This Helped:

Navigating any online shopping website can be a trying experience. I hope that this small tutorial has helped you to feel at ease and give you the incentive to get acquainted with my available options. I know that there are always improvements that can be made. If you would take the time to share some of your suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.

Before I Sign-Off:

Before I go let me make a suggestion…we all have birthdays and holidays just around the corner. For most of us that will most likely involve shopping online. Before you decide which websites you will use how about adding mine to the list!

Thank You:

Thank you so much for sharing in this adventure! I look forward to our next encounter.

Cindy Anderson

Fiber Art By Cindy Anderson

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Let’s Take A Look At Finished Projects 150-158

Redemption, AP 158

The Beginning

My blog was started as a platform to discuss and share my successes and disappointments with the art of longarm quilting. Late in 2019, after seven years of offering my services to my fellow quilting enthusiasts, I decided to stop. In fact my longarm quilt machine has sat idle since May, 2019, with one of my own quilts loaded on the rolls and patiently waiting to be finished.

My Activities

Even though my longarm machine has been quiet my studio has not. I’ve poured my efforts into wrapping up as many unfinished projects as possible and into creating smaller, easier to handle fiber art pieces. Their smaller size lets me easily transport and work on them wherever I go. I take them with me to my Little Cabin In The Woods, and anywhere else that I will have an extended downtime.

Seven More Specimens

My love of designing and working with the smaller specimens has distracted me from writing about them on my blog. For more than a year my completed art projects have been stockpiled just waiting for the spotlight. Over the last few weeks I have been setting aside time to share my triumphs. The narrative I am recording today will highlight seven more specimens. All of them measure 8”x10” and are available for purchase in my on-line store. You can read their individual descriptions by simply clicking on the photo.

Thank You!

I hope that you enjoy seeing and reading about these very special items.

Thank you for spending time with me today! I look forward to your comments.

Cindy Anderson

Yellow Tail, AP 150 Yellow Tail, Art Piece # 150
Yellow Corset, AP 151 Yellow Corset, Art Piece # 151
Poppies, AP 153 Poppies, AP 153
Bolo Tie, AP 154 Bolo Tie, Art Piece # 154
All Dressed Up, AP 156 All Dressed Up, Art Piece # 156
Road Trip, AP 157 Road Trip, Art Piece # 157
Redemption, AP 158 Redemption, Art Piece # 158


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Time To Reveal Art Pieces 142-148

Extra Buttons, AP 143

Today is Thursday and it is time once again to reveal another grouping of my finished fiber art pieces. On the docket today is items 142 through 148. To read the story/description of each item simply click on the photo; the embedded link will take you to their location.

I had so much fun creating each of these small works of art. Hopefully you will find them as pleasing as I do.

Thank you so much for sharing in my enthusiasm. I look forward to reading your comments!

Cindy Anderson




Floating Stars, AP 142 Floating Stars, Art Piece # 142
Extra Buttons, AP 143 Extra Buttons, Art Piece # 143
Belly Button, AP 144 Belly Button, Art Piece # 144
Enjoy, AP 145 Enjoy, Art Piece # 145
Fancy Tie, AP 146 Fancy Tie, Art Piece # 146
Brown and Blue, AP 147 Brown and Blue, Art Piece # 147
Blue and Green, AP 148 Blue and Green, Art Piece # 148
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Time to Share Art Pieces 135-141

Dragonfly AP 139

One of the joys of maintaining my blog is the privilege of being able to share news of finished art pieces. My studio is full of plastic tubs, stacked one on top of the other, containing a plethora of completed projects. If I were to reveal all of them in one post I would probably cause an internet meltdown; thus, I’ve had to curb my enthusiasm and limit myself to a small grouping.

In this narrative I have included seven finished masterpieces. Click on the name below each item to read about each of the art pieces. I hope that you will enjoy seeing and reading about them as much as I did in creating them.

As always, I would love to hear your reactions.

Thank you so much for your continued support!

Cindy Anderson

Blue Moon AP 135Blue Moon, Art Piece # 135
Blowing Kisses, AP 136Blowing Kisses, Art Piece # 136
Sunset, AP 137Sunset, Art Piece # 137
Centipede AP 138Centipede, Art Piece # 138
Dragonfly AP 139Dragonfly, Art Piece # 139
Frolic, AP 140Frolic, Art Piece # 140
All In One, AP 141All In One, Art Piece # 141
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New Art Pieces 127-134

Butterscotch, AP 131

I can’t even remember the last time I shared updates on my newest and greatest projects. This year is almost 3/4 over yet I have so much to talk about. To start the process I thought I would include photos and links to a few of the items; listed below are eight of them. Click on either the photo or the name to read the details of each art piece.

I hope you enjoy the tour.

If you have any questions or comments I would love to hear them.

Until next time…

Cindy Anderson

Purple Rain, AP 127 Purple Rain, Art Piece 127
Giggle, AP 128 Giggle, Art Piece # 128
Hippy Bell Bottoms, AP 129 Hippy Bell Bottoms, Art Piece 129
Seeing Red, AP 130 Seeing Red, Art Piece # 130
Butterscotch, AP 131 Butterscotch, Art Piece # 131
Spumoni AP 132 Spumoni, Art Piece # 132
In Orbit, AP 133 In Orbit, Art Piece # 133
Feels Like Home, AP 134 Feels Like Home, Art Piece # 134