A Surprise Table Runner

While on vacation in northern Wisconsin I received an inquiry about a potential longarm quilting project. The item was meant to be given as a surprise birthday present. While it was only a small job (it was a table runner)  I still wanted to give it the same attention I would dedicate to any and all of my customers.

Through the wonders of the internet we traded several messages back and forth discussing the different possibilities. With my return home only days away, we agreed to table our conversation until then. A meeting was set up to make the final decisions.

When we finally met face to face we went over the available thread colors as well as stitch patterns. A thread color that would blend nicely was chosen as well as a simple gentle meander stitch.

The table runner came to a forty-five degree angle on both ends. Before loading it onto the longarm rollers it was necessary to add temporary fabric which would provide a squared-off edge. As soon as that was accomplished I was able to apply the stitching.

Due to the small size of the table runner I was easily able to meet the customer’s deadline. Upon our next meeting I presented the runner to the customer. She was more than thrilled with the finished appearance.

Here’s my photos of the final project.

Cindy C's Table Runner
Cindy C’s Table Runner


Cindy Anderson

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