Carissa C’s Quilt

My first non-family, paying customer was Carissa C. I met her at the Modern Quilt Guild in Madison. Carissa had recently finished a quilt top and had asked me to longarm quilt it for her. Time was of the essence because it was slated to be entered into an exhibit. I was overjoyed to be chosen as her longarm quilter so I think I would have agreed to do just about anything.

Quote 2 from Carissa C_1


Carissa C Drawing_1

Carissa and I traded messages back and forth discussing the possible stitch patterns we could use. Ultimately we decided on a geometric meander. Carissa was a librarian so I wasn’t surprised to see that her quilt reminded me of shelves loaded down with books of every size, shape and color. The geometric stitch pattern seemed like it would compliment her design quite nicely.

Negative space, in quilting, refers to large areas of solid color. This quilt certainly had it’s share of negative space. To a longarm quilter these areas can make or break the overall appearance. Dull or boring stitches can totally distract from the quilt while dynamic, eye-catching stitches can make the quilt shine brightly. I believe the stitches I applied very nicely complimented Carissa’s quilt theme. To say I was pleased with the final product would be putting in mildly. I was over-the-top thrilled with the outcome!


I was not the only person that fell head-over-heels in love with the quilt. I’m happy to say Carissa was as well. In fact here’s her reaction in her very own words.

Quote 1 from Carissa C_1

Thank you Carissa C for taking the leap to trust a brand new longarm quilter with your special quilt. You helped launch my business into the successful endeavor it is today! Blessings to you!

Cindy Anderson


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