Disappearing Four Patch

This quilt started out as a Disappearing Four Patch, which I absolutely hated. But don’t get me wrong ! It wasn’t the Disappearing Four Patch design that I hated. No, ultimately it was the color choices that I made.

Since I didn’t want to take it apart and I wasn’t about to set it aside I decided to give a wack at modifying it. By means of my own rotary cutter, it morphed into a design I call Spinning Wheels.

Even after I finished the reinvention process I still didn’t like the outcome. But who cared. I made up mind I was pressing on. In hopes of salvaging whatever pride I might gain from this quilt I made an attempt at beautification through my longarm quilting.

As you examine the photos you will note that I used a very large circular pattern in each of the main blocks. To the borders I added an expertly executed swirl stitch. I’m quite proud of my stitching in the border.

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