Pat M’s Square On Point Quilt

The third project I worked on for Pat M was this pattern I refer to as Square On Point. I seriously don’t have a clue whether that’s the actual name or not. It just seemed logical to call it by that.

Before I load any quilt on my machine’s rollers I always test to see if it has wings. By wings I mean do the measurements through the center of the quilt, whether vertical or horizontal, match the dimensions at both the top and bottom edges? If they do not, how far off are they?

It is not at all unusual for there to be a small difference. While no difference is the preferred outcome, we are human and humans are not perfect. If the bottom or top measurements are larger than the distance across the center the quilt is said to have wings.

Wings, when occurring on a quilt, can make the quilt drape unevenly, cause it to be downgraded if entered into a judged show and present problems when pinning it to the leaders on the longarm rollers.

A quilt that is perfectly square is much easier to work with. One that is not makes it difficult to accurately install as well as quilt. It’s kind of like the saying, “garbage in, garbage out.” The more accurately the quilt is cut and stitched, the better the outcome.

When testing that theory on this quilt I was surprised to find that it had wings. Wings that were too far out of my tolerance level. Returning a quilt to its maker for adjustments is the last thing I want to do. Not only does it have the potential to hurt their feelings but it makes me feel bad as well. Pat M was very gracious when I asked if she would make the necessary adjustments. To help educate her on the procedures to follow I gave her a copy of my instructions.

Quite a bit of time passed between when I returned the quilt and our next communication. I had been concerned that perhaps I had scared her away but when we spoke again she told me she had just been too busy to set aside time to work on the quilt. She reassured me that her intention was to still have me do the longarm quilting.

When I once again received the quilt I was so pleased with the outcome she was able to achieve. Her reconfigured quilt was well within the minimum standards. This meant I could finally proceed.

Pat M selected a neutral colored thread that blended rather nicely with her fabrics. Chosen for the stitch pattern was the Baptist Fan. This would be my second time using that design. With the experience I had gained previously I was able to finish this quilt in a much more efficient manner.

Here’s how it turned out.

Cindy Anderson

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