AP 141 All In One


Attached to a canvas frame, this unique one-of-a-kind fiber art piece was constructed from wool and cotton fabrics as well as a repurposed strip from a sari.  Hand and machine stitching help to unify the composition.

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I think half the fun of creating my art pieces is acquiring the supplies that go into their assembly.  For this lovely little gem (I say little because the stretched canvas frame only measures 8″x10” and the fabric center is approximately 5”x5”) I pulled a fuchsia colored fabric, a rectangle of soft gray cotton, a leftover trimming from a previous project , and a portion of a repurposed sari. Their combined image creates an unusual but interesting art piece.

Take a look at the strip of multi-colored cotton fabrics. In the center you will notice the printed words, “all in one.” This wording was the inspiration for the naming of this fiber art piece. Of notable interest is the lines of machine stitching. The path created by the stitches on the fuchsia material outlines both its outer perimeter as well as the boundaries of the soft gray cotton. The sari strip was embellished with a simple row of hand stitching along with numerous French knots. The fabric scraps that lay on top of the entire structure received a single row of black, hand-applied stitches.

To add a professional finish the back side of the frame was sealed with a layer of paper,  a saw-tooth metal hanger for display and silicone bumpers to help stabilize the item when it hangs on your wall. The bumpers also provide ventilation.

This truly is a wonderful specimen that would make a unique statement in your home.

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Dimensions 10 × 8 × .75 in


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