AP 157 Road Trip


Attached to a 8”x10” canvas frame, this unique one-of-a-kind fiber art piece was constructed from a felted wool coaster, a cotton fabric scrap and one half of an antiqued gold, oversized, snap.  Hand stitching was added for artistic interest and to secure the fabric unit to the frame.

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The base for this fiber art piece is, of all things, a felted wool beverage coaster. When I purchased it from a local vendor I had no intention of using it as it was intended. The colors and textures were so intriguing I just couldn’t wait to incorporate it into one of my fiber art projects. Although the coaster needed very little help to elevate it’s uniqueness, I couldn’t help but add more character. To this wonderful specimen I attached a lovely scrap of multi-toned brown batik and one half of an antiqued gold snap. The conglomerate was then embellished with color coordinated threads.  Zoom in to see the detail created by the stitching.

The entire grouping was attached to an 8”x10” frame covered with white canvas. Added to the back of the frame is a paper barrier to protect it from pests and dust, a sawtooth hanger, silicone bumpers to help keep the frame level as well as aide in ventilation and an itemized label describing the art piece.

This wonderful specimen would make a lovely addition to your home.

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Weight .81 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × .75 in


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