AP 93 Red and Teal, A Study

I enjoy sharing my art work. May, 2019 is the last time I made an effort to update you on my accomplishments. At last count, I have almost 100 items to share. Don’t worry though…I will not introduce you to all of them today.

Red and Teal, A Study is the name given to a project I worked on early in 2019. One of my long-distance friends needs a little nudging to keep her artistic mojo going. To assist her in that endeavor she enlisted my participation. The plan was to select a project for us both to work on independently, which, in the end, just might give her the incentive to participate.

Being easily inspired to create art with fibers I found the challenge invigorating. Following the guidelines outlined at the beginning of each month I set out to add another finished item to my portfolio. She, on the other hand, floundered.

Measuring 47 3/4” x 31 1/2” Red and Teal, A Study, Art Piece # 93 was the fruit of my labors. Using only 100% cotton fabrics I utilized the required red, and teal colors along with a few additional specimens. This is my finished product.

Art Piece # 93 Red and Teal, A Study

I’m very proud to add this project to my list of accomplishments.

A New Direction

Welcome 2020!

The last time I made an entry in my blog was right before my solo exhibit; I’ll share more about that in the future. 2019 was a year filled with boundless activity. I had the awesome privilege of experiencing several enriching classes. The first was in May taught by Susan Lenz. Then came Lisa Binkley and Kevin Womack at the Columbus, Ohio College of Arts. In August I attended a two day class at Blue Bar Quilts in Middleton; the instructor was Sherri Lynn Wood. September gave me the opportunity to not only learn from Sue Benner but also Victoria Findlay Wolfe. Both of those adventures were at the Woodland Ridge Retreat. My year of learning then drew to a close with Susan Carlson, which was also at the Woodland Ridge Retreat.

All of the classes touched me in ways I won’t soon forget. My exposure to the world of fiber arts was expanded and as a result so too was my enthusiasm. The friendships I made through the interactions with my fellow students will be with me for the rest of my life. I was awed by their amazing talents.

With 2019 behind me it is time to look ahead to this years excursions. Once again l I will return to Woodland Ridge Retreat to learn from Kathy Doughty in April and Sherri Lynn Wood in July. Both classes will stretch me in ways I have yet to experience.

As you may have noticed the title of today’s post is A New Direction. The new direction I am referring to is the decision I made in 2019 regarding the substance of my business. In 2012 I bought a long-arm quilting machine and began using it to provide professional long-arm quilting services to my many loyal customers. Late last year I decided to terminate my long-arm quilting business and utilize my machine for my own purposes. The closing of that door did not mean In A Stitch Quilting would cease to exist, however. Rather than pack everything up and call it quits I decided to focus my attention on selling my art to the public.

My studio has been a flurry of activity preparing, creating and finalizing the items I hope to market. As of now my plans are to offer mainly small works of art (8” x 10”) along with a line of greeting cards. Potentially included will be items from my existing portfolio. I hope to begin offering them sometime in February. The location(s) will be announced when the details have been finalized.

One never knows what tomorrow or even today will bring. Let’s hope my new direction will be a smashing success.

With warm regards,

Solo Art Exhibit

Late in 2018 I received an invitation from Gael, the owner of Blue Bar Quilts in Middleton, Wisconsin, to display my art quilts in a solo exhibit. My response, after overcoming the shock, was absolutely! September of this year was set aside for my event. Yesterday the two of us sorted through, organized and put on display 64 of my art pieces. The experience was exhilarating!

I am overjoyed to proudly announce the official opening of my solo art exhibit titled Transformation. The event will run from September 1, 2019, until September 30, 2019. A reception with refreshments will be held on Saturday, September 14, 2019, from 1:00-4:00 p.m. Please stop by on the 14th to say hello and share in my excitement. I would love to see you. If you are able to stop by during the exhibit, please don’t forget to sign my guest book and leave a few comments.

Before departing I must say thank you to the individuals that have had an impact on my art. First on my list is Gael from Blue Bar Quilts. Thank you Gael for giving me this awesome opportunity! Your interest in my art has brought me so much joy! Next I would like to extend appreciation to the individuals that have had a profound impact on my journey. They are Rayna Gillman, Lisa Binkley, Judy Coates Perez, Pam Beal, Victoria Findlay Wolfe, Susan Carlson, Cindy Grisdela, Heidi Parkes, and Maday Delgado. Your amazing talent has helped me to expand my horizons and become the artist I am today. The last and most important person is my husband Gary. Without his unconditional encouragement and financial backing I never would have had this opportunity.

Now, make plans to visit Blue Bar Quilts some time between September 1 – September 30, 2019, to observe my solo art show and of course do a little shopping.