A Quilt Finished for Ms. Q

Sharing updates, on the quilts I’ve been entrusted to make or long-arm quilt, is one of the most exciting aspects of my job. The quilt I am revealing today was particularly special because I was commissioned to make it. If you are a quilter then you are well acquainted with the tremendous amount of money and time involved. After months and months of work I am very happy to report that the quilt was finally finished and has been delivered to the recipient.

What a pleasure it was to make. The quilt was made using the Yellow Brick Road pattern by Atkinson Designs with fabrics from Artisan Batiks. I covered the entire surface with a swirly long-arm stitch pattern. While I don’t have a photo of the entire quilt I do have several showing sections of the quilt. Here they are.

The Back of Quinn H Quilt
The Back of Quinn H’s Quilt
Closeup of Quilting on Quinn H Quilt
Closeup of Quilting on Quinn H’s Quilt
Swirls on Quinn H Quilt
More Swirls on Quinn H’s Quilt
A Swirl with Attitude on Quinn H Quilt
Swirls with Attitude on Quinn H’s Quilt
A Sea of Swirls on Quinnn H Quilt
A Sea of Swirls on Quinn H’s Quilt
Quinn H Quilt
Quinn H’s Quilt

One more project off my list! Three Cheers! On to the next!

Cindy Anderson

This One or That One

Decisions, Decisions

Participating in A Lovely Year of Finishes has given me the incentive to finish a wonderful array of projects. With a new month having recently arrived it’s time to once again make a decision, should I choose This one or That?

And the Options Are

After pondering my many options I narrowed down my candidates to two options.  Here’s the first one . . .


and here’s the second . . .


And the Winner Was

Both are so yummy it was really hard to choose.  But, the one that screamed the loudest was option # one.  Option # 1 is Bridget’s Bagettes by Atkinson Designs. The instructions for purchasing fabric include enough to make all three.  Since each one is a different size I figured why not; I certainly could use more options for storage.  Bag #1 will be 4 1/2″x 6″, bag #2 is 5″x 7 1/2″ and bag #3 is 5″ x 9 1/2.”

So That’s It

Well that’s my declared A Lovely Year of Finishes for August.  Time to get started.

Take A Look

Take A Look


I was fortunate to receive this absolutely stunning wall hanging from my oldest daughter.  She presented it to me quite some time ago.  Delaying its announcement was my unending focus on my Sandy Quilt project.

Sandy Quilt Block Drive

The wall hanging adorns the wall directly in front of my sewing machine.  This location was chosen so the wall hanging would be within my sight every time I sat down to sew.  I take great pleasure in the ray of sunshine it adds to my environment.  The batiks are bright and cheery.  Just the splash of color needed to add a bit of pizzazz to my day.   I’m so thankful she chose me as the lucky recipient.

Cash & Carry

The other gift I received from my daughter was this sweet little zipper pouch known as Cash and Carry by Atkinson Designs.


I know she had fun creating this pouch because she went on to make several more.  I’m very much looking forward to using it.

Thanks so much for stopping by.