Rewind: What’s Blooming, June 6, 2013

The beauty of nature never grows old; that’s why I have been scrounging around in my archives for blog posts to feature in my rewind series. Each post I’ve selected features photos I’ve taken of the flowering blossoms found near my home. Even though I’ve previously shared theses photos I never grow tired of seeing them; if you are a nature lover I’m sure you would agree. Please enjoy this oldie but goodie!


In June, as many as a dozen species may burst their buds on a single day.

No man can heed all of these anniversaries; no man can ignore all of them.

–Aldo Leopold

You will find more of these oldie but goodie blog posts under the garden category of my blog.

Thank You for visiting!

Cindy Anderson
Cindy Anderson

Rewind: Spring Is Finally Here

From time to time I resurrect or rewind some of my oldies but goodies. With spring just around the corner I thought it would be fun to revisit a post I first shared on May 17, 2013. This post is one of several filed under the category I call Gardening.

May 17, 2013

I was very remiss at cleaning out my gardens last fall; there’s plenty of debris just waiting for my attention. While working in my studio recently, I detected movement outside my window, in my peripheral vision. Being curious about the origin, I stopped what I was doing to investigate. Carefully I moved toward the window. As I got closer I could see a big fat robin. The robin was tugging at the leftovers of last year’s Black Eyed Susans.

Stand Still

I stood as still as I could; not wanting to scare the robin away. The bird paused for a moment then tugged once again at the decayed stems. His efforts eventually were successful. As he flew away I could see the new-found items nestled within his beak. The male robin returned numerous times to gather more items. Seeing this robin actively gathering stems and leaves reminded me that YES indeed spring is here! Yippee!

Take A Look

I took advantage of a rainy day recently to pause and take a few photos in my gardens.  This is the fruit of my labors.  Enjoy!


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While this post certainly has nothing to do with quilting it does bring you a small taste of the environment that surrounds me.  My home, garden and landscape bring me great joy.  I hope you found today’s tour to be a pleasant one.

Thanks for joining me!

Cindy Anderson
Cindy Anderson

A Milestone

I’ve been a blogger since 2010. During that time I’ve maintained three different blogs. This one is my most recent. The blog has been in existence for darn near five years. The anniversary is just around the corner. Be watching for a celebration.

Five years go by really fast. During these five years I have entered a boatload of posts. Five Hundred to be exact. The sole purpose of today’s post is to merely celebrate that milestone. I wouldn’t have paid attention to the number if I hadn’t received this notice from WordPress. So here’s my low-key shout out to commemorate my accomplishment.


Something’s Up


As you may have noticed, just like the weather outside, my blog has been experiencing a flurry of activity. I made the decision recently to do a little housekeeping. The process of redesigning my blog is a long and involved project. Some of the changes are already evident. Easiest to see is the new, clean look. Other changes will take place behind the scenes and may never be noticed by you. By the time it’s all complete I hope you will find my blog easier to navigate.

In the mean time for those that follow my blog on Facebook I’m asking for your patience as the volume of posts will continue to be high for the time being. Once I’ve finished populating my content from their current areas to their new homes the quantity of posts will return to normal. Until then you might find the frequent posts enlightening as they may include information that you may never have seen.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!

Cindy Anderson

A Time to Rest


It has been a while!

I feel like it’s been years since we last visited. My summer months were filled with an abundance of activity. Activities which filled my heart with joy and absolutely drained every once of energy I could muster.

purple_majestyI’ve been home from my Little Cabin in the Woods for just over two weeks. Two weeks that were a buzz with activity. All of the items that might fall victim to possible four legged vermin were removed from my summer retreat and transported back home for safe keeping. Once home they all needed to find their haven for winter respite. With those all tucked away it was time for a good old fashioned house cleaning both physically and mentally.

sweet_lavenderWhile I find great joy in my travels far from home, it can be exhausting. Recharging my body as well as my mind takes a little more effort each year. Of course that couldn’t have anything to do with my advancing years. Or could it? 🙂


Seeds_of_Life.jpgThis year I felt so absolutely drained that the thought of writing couldn’t be farther from my mind, let alone even opening the door to my studio. The lack of enthusiasm left my creative self feeling lost, like a ship floating adrift at sea. The concern that I might not find my sense of direction left me even more overwhelmed.

Orange_Lichen.jpgSo, how did I recover? With my self-imposed chores accomplished I allowed myself to relax and find joy in the simple everyday tasks of living. I slept. I read. I walked.


Rings_Of_Life.jpgThese steps toward renewed energy slowly rekindled my love for the world of art. From a little spark came the motivation to re-enter my studio. Opening that door brought back the joy I feel when surrounded by the vibrant colors of my finished pieces as well as the virgin fabrics just waiting for my attention.

Patterns_In_Nature.jpgThis renewed sense of enthusiasm is where I am at today. I’m energized and ready to press on.

Lichen.jpgCindy Anderson


P.S. The photos I’m sharing were taken while out on my many walks in northern Wisconsin. I hope you enjoy them.


Flash Back

2016 Block of the Month_9768I recently went on a nostalgic tour through my blog’s archives. While there I went looking for gems that just might be worthy of one more posting. Not surprisingly I complied a list of several candidates. Over the next few months I will feature one of those episodes as we Flash Back to the past.

Cindy Anderson of In A Stitch Quilting

Music to My Ears

012 (2)Music comes in many forms; most of which soothe my inner being and bring a gentle rhythm to my day. When I quilt on my long arm quilting machine I use music to help me relax and eliminate the tension that can often build in my shoulders.

There’s one sound that has nothing to do with musical notes yet is also pleasant to my ears. That sound is the music made by my quilt machine when it is running properly. This too helps me to stay relaxed and focused on the quilt before me.

Cindy Anderson at In A Stitch Quilting

Brain Freeze

Rotary Gardens

Have you ever consumed an icy-cold beverage or an ice cream cone that brought about a painful sensation in your brain?

A sensation that is commonly referred to as brain freeze.

The feeling causes you to pause,

if only for a moment,

to wait for it to pass.

Brain freeze is something I often refer to as the moments when my mind cannot retrieve the thoughts or words I crave.

Words that are just far enough out of reach that I cannot touch them.

As I age these moments or occasions occur more frequently.

At times I fear I’m some how afflicted by the dreaded disease known as Alzheimer’s.

Then other times I find reassurance in knowing that other people share the same frustration with stumblings of the very same nature.

It’s then that I am reminded that it’s a normal phenomena.

Just part of being human.

Frustrating as it is,

it’s healthier to let them slip away

rather than allow them to cripple you

with fear.

Cindy Anderson of In A Stitch Quilting