Smash My Stash # 1

I am a follower of Craftsy. In one of their recent emails they shared a discount they were offering on a class called Strip Your Stash. I watched the video introduction and found the teacher’s philosophy reflecting that of my own. I’ve declared 2016 to be the first year of the rest of my life. As part of my new beginning I’ve decided to trim down my piles of unfinished/untouched projects.

To implement this new plan my first task is to take inventory of the many projects I have acquired. Once my list is prepared I will map out a plan to finish at least one item per month. Of course that is my minimum goal. Anything above and beyond that would be a bonus.

At the end of 2015 I said I would be updating you on a weekly basis with my progress on smashing my inventory. This is the first post in that journey. I am calling it Smash My Stash!


Let’s make progress!

Cindy Anderson

Bye Bye 2015 Hello 2016

IMG_9551-1As Time Passes

As each year passes we grow one year older. For those on the up hill side of life the day to day chaos keeps your world spinning so fast you barely have time to relax. As you crest that hill and begin to coast down the other side your pace changes. Many of your responsibilities fade away and you find yourself with more time to relax and ponder.

On the Other Side

I’m on the other side of the hill and have been for several years. I’m by no means ready to throw in the towel yet I find myself looking at my remaining days as a precious gift. One that I don’t want to waste. I often find myself lost in thought day dreaming of how best to spend my remaining years.

In The Blink of an Eye

I was reminded in September of 2015 how suddenly the last moment can arrive. We abruptly lost a close friend at the age of 61. When you are on the other side of the hill, 61 seems far too young to leave this earth. There are way too many things left undone, too many hugs left yet to have, too many smiles yet to behold.

Yet when the end arrives

there is no time left,

no chance for do-overs.

Do Over

Who hasn’t heard the phrase “If I had it to do-over?” I have on many occasions. When I recently heard those words spoken they took on a new meaning. They made me think of all the things I want to do, all the things I want to make, all the experiences I want to have. With the last month of 2015 almost over and the new year tapping me on the shoulder I thought why not make 2016…

the first year of the rest of my life!

So, I’m declaring 2016 a new beginning.

I’M Making A List

I’m busily making lists and planning how best to use every moment. As 2016 unfurls I plan on sharing with you this new sense of direction. I hope you are as excited as I am to begin this journey.

Before We Part

In closing I would like to share a saying that hangs on my wall. I found it stenciled on a sign in a shop in Colorado. The sign reads:

Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a well preserved body;

rather to skid in sideways,

chocolate in one hand,

wine in the other,

body thoroughly worn out

and screaming

“Woo Hoo, What A Ride!”

Why not join me and make this year one heck of a ride!

Cindy Anderson