Did You Ever?


Did You Ever?

Did you ever have one of those days when nothing seemed to go as planned? You know when everything you had on your agenda hits some sort of speed bump? One thing leads to another and you find yourself heading in a totally different direction. I had one of those recently. It was the end of the month so it was time for my monthly appointment with my checkbook. Incorporated in with that task was an online visit with my financial institution. I’m not particularly fond of doing my bookkeeping in spite of my extensive bookkeeping background. Scheduling limited activities of that nature suit me just fine.

Let’s Get Started!

I set out this morning to spend the better part of my day recording my recent activity. First up on the agenda was to download my transactions from my financial institution. I made first one, then two and finally a third attempt at logging on to their website. All three attempts were met with failure. Now the issue at hand was not my inability to remember my user ID or password. I have been known to stumble with that a time or two. The issue was a website that just wasn’t working. I kept getting the message that their server was down. Drat’s! How could their server be down when I needed it? Didn’t they know I had psyched myself up just for this purpose? How could I possibly mentally prepare myself to reschedule this for another day?

Shall We Try Again?

After diverting my attention in another direction for almost two hours, I sat down at my computer to check one more time. I brought up my financial institutions website only to be disappointed once more. The message on their website still spoke of a server problem. Out of desperation I telephoned the user help line to inquire of the intended duration. The polite assistant, on the other end of the phone, relayed the message that it would most likely be at least three more hours before the online feature would be operational. “Sigh!” Looks like I need to abandon my record keeping activities for now. Besides my computer typically decides to do all sorts of record keeping and adjusting of its own every time I turn it on. Two hours ago it decided to do a backup. Competing with that function usually ends up in frustration. On to Plan B. I guess I will take my sweet little Sadie for a walk instead.

Looks Like Rain

The temperature was in the upper 60’s and the sky was gray. A quick check of the weather forecast told me rain showers were a possibility but the threat was not imminent. I made the decision to give it a try. I located my tennis shoes and jacket and slipped them on. Of course I had to get Sadie and her leash as well. Together the two of us headed outside for a leisure stroll around the block. As we sauntered around our first corner I began to wonder how accurate the weather prediction had been. The sky seemed a bit more threatening than I had anticipated. As we drifted even further from home I felt a few raindrops. Not wanting to chance being caught in the rain I turned Sadie around and headed back in the direction of our property.

We arrived back home only slightly dampened by the falling moisture. Rather than totally abandoning the opportunity to spend time outdoors I grabbed my iPad and led Sadie to the bench on my front porch. There Sadie made herself busy exploring the nooks and crannies of the cedar rocking bench while I sat and recorded this post. All was not lost. My previously pre-planned day continued to evolve. What the final outcome would be who knew? The only thing certain was my necessity to be willing to morph my day’s plans to meet my ever-changing circumstances.

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It’s My First Year Anniversary and We’re Having A Party

You Attention Please . . .     May 6, 2013 Update:  The contest is now closed!

One Year Ago Today

Although 365 days seems like a very long time, looking back it feels like no more than an instant. There are 525,600 minutes in a year. That’s 525,600 opportunities to make a difference. A difference in this world, your community, your family, your own life. What we do with those minutes becomes a part of history. For most of us our efforts will never make us famous. For those few lucky ones their name will we well-known throughout history. Whether you aspire to be one of the lucky ones or are satisfied to live out your existence as an unknown it makes no difference. We are all human. We are all important. We can all make a difference.

A Mini Tour

Now that being said, I would like to take you on a mini tour of my blog’s first year. I won’t bore you with gads of words just pictures. Here’s just a sampling of the 525,600 minutes that transpired in my corner of the world.

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Thank You!

The success of my blog has been made possible, in part, by the faithful participation of my readers. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed sharing snip its of my life and my business with my audience. The comments of encouragement and praise have touched my life in so many ways. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your thoughts.

Typically as birthdays roll around we make plans to hold a celebration. For some its a quite occasion shared only by a few. For others it’s an extravagant affair filled with drama and attended by many. While this birthday is a moment to celebrate, the event planned is a bit small on the grand scale. I’ve been pondering my celebration for some time. Numerous options circulated through out my imagination. At first I thought perhaps I would create a magnificent work of art and offer it to my readers as a token of my appreciation. While this option would have been a wonderful way to share something made by my hands I decided not to. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to color and design and I wanted my readers to be able to have a voice in their reward. The option that survived my pondering was the gift of a charm pack valued at less than $13.00 from fabric.com.

So here are the rules:

1. The gift is available to anyone. Meaning it makes no difference whether you live in the United States or abroad.

2. Only one gift will be given away.

3. You have two opportunities to win. The first is by leaving a comment on my blog telling me which charm pack you would prefer. Of course if the charm pack is not available at the time I place the order a charm pack of similar design and color will be chosen.

4. The second chance to win is by following my blog and telling me so in a comment. If you are already a follower just let me know.

5. Make sure I have a way of contacting you in the event your name is chosen.

6. The contest is open from today through midnight (CST) on May 3, 2013.

7. On May 4, 2013, a random name will be chosen through the random.org website. No preference will be given to friends or family. Everyone has the same chance to win.

8. The lucky winner will be notified via email. The individual will have 24 hours to respond. The 24 hour time clock will begin when I hit “send” on the notification email.

9. If for any reason the lucky winner does not respond within the allotted time or chooses to decline the gift for any reason a second random name will be chosen.

10. The confirmed winner of the charm pack gift will be announced on my blog as soon as possible.

11. The charm pack must be chosen from the fabric.com website and be valued at less than $13.00. I will place an order for the charm pack to be shipped directly to you.

Well there you have it. I hope I have addressed all of you questions. If there is a question I have not answered feel free to ask. Best of luck to all who choose to participate.

I Was Wondering?

Before leaving let me ask one favor. I thought it would be fun to run a poll. The question being asked is, of the charm packs listed below, which one is your favorite.

Get Registered!

Thank you so much for visiting today and for following my blog. Now go and register to win, answer my poll and above all pass the word around.

My regards,


Ipad or iPad

Ipad or is it iPad?

Whatever the case I am so thrilled with my new iPad. I recently crossed over from the Microsoft world to Apple? My oldest daughter has been blossoming in the world of Apple for quite some time. I’ve been exposed to the wonders of her iPad on numerous occasions. Each time I marveled at how versatile and powerful the electronic device was. My curiosity grew exponentially with each encounter. The thought of crossing over the line between Microsoft and Apple brought thoughts of treason to my mind. How could I possibly consider leaving the platform I have been immersed in since day one? Still the temptation was so strong and seemed so right that I found it irresistible

Less than a month ago I took the plunge and dived into the world on the other side. No sirens went off, no fanfare, just a quiet transition. Now I’m not saying that I am abandoning life on the other side. My nephew works for Microsoft and is responsible in part for Windows 8. At this point I can’t imagine taking on a total conversion. My roots in the Microsoft world are pretttttty deep. Then again I know you can teach an old dog new tricks so I believe I could handle it. But for now I am content to dabble in this new world with my shiny, new iPad and it’s pretty pink cover. Who knows where this path will lead?