Friday Favorites: 2016 Craftsy Block of the Month

Friday Favorites

Just Another Email? –

I receive multiple emails everyday tempting me with offers for discounts on fabric, patterns, classes, etc. Most often I open the messages, browse their content then file them in the recycle bin.

Every once and awhile I visit the website, drop a few items in the shopping basket, ponder their purchase then close the site without buying anything.

Not This Time –

On rare occasions the offer is just to good to ignore. The opportunity I’m about to share with you was too inviting to pass up. The tempting kit was for the 2016 Craftsy Block of the Month by Lynette Jensen. One look at the quilt photo and I was smitten.

2016 Block of the Month_9762

The block of the month, which I thought would last twelve months, only goes until June. I did have to think twice about the cost. Then I reminded myself that the fee included all of the fabric as well as the online classes.

Decisions, Decisions –

Keeping that in mind I figured it was actually a pretty good deal. Aside from the fact I had aready made a vow to work on Smashing My Stash, without looking, I took a leap and jumped with both feet.

Arriving not to long ago was this box

2016 Craftsy Block of the Month_9721

with these beautiful fabrics

Getting Started –

I’ve already started viewing the introduction to the class along with downloading two of their documents. I’m looking forward to adding this to my stash. As I make progress I will provide updates.

Cindy Anderson of In A Stitch Quilting

Smash My Stash # 2

IMG_9570-1In our last visit I shared that I had watched the teaser for Craftsy‘s class Strip Your Stash. In the first lesson the teacher shares how she has organized her stash into coordinated groupings. I had begun doing that with my own collection during a recent quest to reorganize my studio.

If you don’t feel you have the knack for coordinating fabrics the teacher has a simple solution. Rather than studying the theory of color she suggests using photos, wrapping paper, paintings, postcards, anything that has color combinations you like as your inspiration.

Part of my goal to Smash My Stash is to use up the piles of fabrics and scraps I have accumulated. This class should help me get a great start on that goal and perhaps even make a huge dent in my supply.

Cindy Anderson of In A Stitch Quilting

Smash My Stash # 1

I am a follower of Craftsy. In one of their recent emails they shared a discount they were offering on a class called Strip Your Stash. I watched the video introduction and found the teacher’s philosophy reflecting that of my own. I’ve declared 2016 to be the first year of the rest of my life. As part of my new beginning I’ve decided to trim down my piles of unfinished/untouched projects.

To implement this new plan my first task is to take inventory of the many projects I have acquired. Once my list is prepared I will map out a plan to finish at least one item per month. Of course that is my minimum goal. Anything above and beyond that would be a bonus.

At the end of 2015 I said I would be updating you on a weekly basis with my progress on smashing my inventory. This is the first post in that journey. I am calling it Smash My Stash!


Let’s make progress!

Cindy Anderson