Stairway, Art Piece 119

I, along with eleven other quilters, participated in a block swap a few years back. Given that there were twelve participants it seemed only natural that there would be twelve different interpretations of the guidelines. When I received my allocation of blocks I wasn’t surprised at their diversity. Finding a cohesive arrangement for my specimens was difficult. Rather than forcing them all to comply I decided to turn them into improvisational art quilts.

By the time I was finished I had an array of uniquely designed items to add to my portfolio. One of my specimens actually ended up in a book written by Rayna Gillman titled Create Your Own Improv Quilts. On page eleven of the publication is where you will find my In Motion fiber art piece.

In Motion, Art Piece # 67

Stairway, Art Piece 119 was also formed during the quilt block reinvention process. In the center, beneath the added angled strips, is where you will find remnants of the swap blocks. With those as my base I began the process of slicing apart and adding additional fabrics. I continued the manipulation until I was satisfied. Below is a photo of my finished art quilt.

Stairway, Art Piece # 119

Stairway, Art Piece # 119 has an unusual feature. Most quilts have uniform measurements. By uniform I mean their length both on the right and left sides as well as the width along the top and bottom edges are identical.; Stairway does not. Stairway at its widest and longest points measures 27 1/4” x 14 1/8”; at its shortest distances the measurements are 26 3/8” x 12 7/8”. This trait was not an accident. It was created on purpose to add an element of surprise.

Along with the unusual color pallet and irregular shape, the fabric used for the binding was also a bold choice. The dotted teal cotton seemed appropriate because it mimics many of the fabrics seen within the composition. An examination of the entire surface will bring to light the numerous instances where the color teal was used. As a whole, the repeated practice helps to unify the quilt. The white dots not only create a popping movement, much like that made when kernels of corn explode when heated, but they too bring attention to the other instances where white was used in the central area. All of this data sounds impressive. But, when it really comes down to my initial reason for adding the border, I would have to say it was simply because I really like it.

All of the decorative stitching, on this item, was done on my long-arm quilting machine with a variegated thread. The variegation adds yet another design feature. The little pops of color add a pizazz that encourages your eye to move about the quilt. This movement helps you to discover nuances that otherwise might have been overlooked. On the back of this lovely item is a fabric hanging sleeve and a label providing pertinent details.

As with all of my fiber art quilts I could easily talk about them in great detail. For Stairway, Art Piece # 119 I believe I have touched on enough of the highlights to bring this journal to a close. I hope that you have found this to be an enlightening and enjoyable experience. I look forward, with great anticipation, to our interaction.

With warm wishes for a wonderful day!

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Exciting News!

This unique quilt originated way back in the Spring of 2016. I haven’t written much about it for a very special reason. Before I reveal that reason let me share it’s background.

The quilt was made from tiny scraps leftover from a much larger project. Those scraps were surrounded by white cotton then stitched together.

In Motion, Art Piece # 67 Quilt Squares
Block Swap_8
In Motion, Art Piece # 67 The Quilt Top

Wrapping the perimeter is a stylish teal fabric with a flowing floral design.

Block Swap_9

The name In Motion was inspired by the stitch pattern used to quilt it. The zig-zag straight lines create a wave of motion that moves your eye across the surface.

As mentioned above, the mini quilt came into existence in 2016. In May I took it to the Rayna Gillman retreat at Woodland Ridge to share during show and tell.

Several weeks later I received a surprising inquiry about In Motion from Rayna. She was in the process of writing another book and wanted to include a photo of my quilt. The request took me by surprise. I was

  • over-the-top excited,
  • flabbergasted,
  • thrilled
  • shocked
  • amazed,
  • honored

to have my quilt selected.

After completing a stack of documents I made preparations to ship them and my quilt to Rayna. For 6+ months my quilt was in the possession of the publisher.  Late in March of this year Rayna returned my quilt.

Part of our agreement was to keep the book and our arrangement quiet. Refraining from discussion was difficult. Each time I sat down to write a post I thought about the quilt and it’s BIG NEWS.

In Motion
In Motion, Art Piece # 67

Fast forward to July 20, 2017…the day Rayna officially announced her book. This was also the first time I was given permission to share my BIG NEWS. While I would have liked to share it immediately, my summers are extremely busy. Finding time to write a post about anything is difficult. Thus, the extended delay. No matter how long it took to finally put these words into print the news is still relevant, still exciting.

I will receive a free copy of Rayna’s book as compensation for allowing her to include my quilt. I can’t wait to get my copy of  Create Your Own Improv Quilts. The book will be in stores in December 2017. To pre-order a signed copy follow the link on her blog.

Well, that’s my Big News! Can you believe it!!! One of my quilts is actually going to be in a book! Stay tuned for updates