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Navigating My Online Store he

Floating Triangles, AP 199

A Desire To Sell:

I’ve always wanted the opportunity to sell my art to fellow enthusiasts. Some of my items are currently available for purchase at Raven’s Wish Gallery in Janesville, Wisconsin. Not too long ago I made the decision to open an online shop. The store is hosted via WooCommerce on my WordPress website.

Let’s explore my Shop!

Navigating My Shop On A Desktop/Laptop:

If you navigate my blog via desktop, you will find a line of menu options just below my logo. Situated about halfway across is a link to my Shop. If you click on that link you will be taken to a new screen. There you will find three browsing categories:

Budget Friendly

Poppies, AP 153




Mounted on Canvas.

Belly Button, AP 144

When this journal entry was written there were only three categories on display. Coming in the near future are: Wall Quilts with two subcategories of Small and Large.

Navigating My Shop On A Cellphone:

Those that browse my blog on a cellphone will be able to navigate to my online Shop by clicking on the Menu button in the top right corner. There you will find the same list of options. To be taken to my store simply click on the word Shop.

Shall We Explore The Categories?

When I initially setup my shop I didn’t assign categories to my inventory; mostly because I really didn’t know what I was doing. LOL! As I became more acquainted with the application I began to understand how important it was to simplify the shopping experience and what tools were available to help me with that process. This delayed discovery unfortunately meant going back to each item and modifying the already added inventory. While the process was tedious, I believe its value far outweighs the effort.

For the most part, the names of the categories describe what type of items can be purchased at that location. The only exception is the Colors category. If you click on that link you will discover that there are twenty-one additional sections. To help narrow your search I have categorized each of my available art pieces by color.

Budget Friendly is the designation I gave to a grouping of items that I believe will fit smaller budgets.

Mounted On Canvas currently has only one subcategory, 8”x10”. In the future I will add other canvas sizes.

I Hope This Helped:

Navigating any online shopping website can be a trying experience. I hope that this small tutorial has helped you to feel at ease and give you the incentive to get acquainted with my available options. I know that there are always improvements that can be made. If you would take the time to share some of your suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.

Before I Sign-Off:

Before I go let me make a suggestion…we all have birthdays and holidays just around the corner. For most of us that will most likely involve shopping online. Before you decide which websites you will use how about adding mine to the list!

Thank You:

Thank you so much for sharing in this adventure! I look forward to our next encounter.

Cindy Anderson

Fiber Art By Cindy Anderson