Art Pieces 192-199

One Eyed Monster, AP 192

One Eyed Monster:

Halloween is only days away. All around me I see the holiday decorations of my neighbors. The most prominent of which are the inflated images of pumpkins, monsters and ghosts. Typically we join up with our children and grandchildren to share a meal and walk about trick-or-treating. Given the ever-present pandemic the visit to neighboring homes will be eliminated. In place of those festivities we have plans for games and other activities. Our group is small and the home at which we will gather is large enough for social distancing. I’ve even surveyed my grandchildren to learn about their favorite candies. Even though they won’t fill their bags with candy from the neighbors I will make certain I do my part.

The closeness of Halloween makes this the perfect time to reveal my art piece called One Eyed Monster. I have been spending the last several postings talking about my 8”x10” finished projects; today’s entry continues on that same track.

Fabric Background:

Originally my small art  pieces were attached to a stretched white canvas frame. I used the undisturbed canvas as the background for my pieces because I liked the starkness of the white canvas and the rough texture. Even the rustic appearance of my name printed on the canvas was pleasing to my eyes.

As time went by I decided to add more elements to my compositions. Incorporating fabric as a base for my projects gave me the chance to do this. All of the fiber art pieces that I am sharing today, except for One Eyed Monster, and in the future will begin with a fabric background.

The Layers:

As you could tell by the title of this journal entry, I will be revealing fiber art pieces 192-199. They continue with the shift I made from using plain white backgrounds to fabric. Each project begins first with the stretched canvas frame. If I were creating a typical quilt the first layer of the sandwich would be a fabric backing; in this instance it is the canvas frame. Next to follow is a layer of batting, white or black depending upon the color intensity of the next fabric; the batting helps to give the frames edges a more rounded appearance. The third element is the fabric that will serve as the composition’s background. This addition holds a very important function as it sets the theme for everything else that will follow.

Once the three layers of the sandwich have been established it is time to start assembling the decorative features. The parameters for those items is wide open; the only limitation here is your imagination. I’ve been known to use as many as four layers of fabric and or embellishments. I also like to include a variety of doodads such as lace, buttons, beads and snaps, to name a few.

Finishing Touches:

The finishing touch is the hand or machine stitching. This process can make or break your final outcome. It also can be the most enjoyable step. Here is where you can either stay low-key or go hog wild. I let the initial image of the fiber art piece sink in for a while. This gives me a chance to get a feel for the possible avenues I might follow. Once my thought process is complete I gather up the thread colors I will use, thread my needle and get to work. Even though I map out a plan of attack for my stitching that doesn’t mean I can’t change my mind along the way. There have been many times when I have decided to go in an entirely different direction. All that matters is that the final outcome looks wonderful.

Without Further Ado:

Let me introduce you to items 192-199!

One Eyed Monster, AP 192
One Eyed Monster, Art Piece # 192

My One Eyed Monster is a cute little guy. He is all dressed up in his multi toned blue garb with his single blue eye, his two outstretched arms and his four spindly legs. Added for extra flair were a series of red beads, numerous French knots and a sea of seed stitches.

EcoPrint, AP 193
EcoPrint, Art Piece # 193

This item has been titled EcoPrint because I have included a section from my private stash of eco dyed fabrics. Layered beneath the earthy fabric is a rust colored cotton, a deep green wool and a multi-colored cotton. The eco dyed material received the majority of the decorative stitching. Zoom in and you will see French knots, outline stitch, a single, thread wrapped, wire bead as well as many other stitches.

Shiny Blue Moon, AP 194
Shiny Blue Moon, Art Piece # 194

For obvious reasons, the name chosen for this composition was Shiny Blue Moon. This project was fashioned from a warm brown cotton, a grassy green wool, a textured blue wool and a blue plaid. The blue moon button as well as the decorative stitching all work together to add interest to this art piece.

Navel Orange, AP 195
Navel Orange, Art Piece # 195

The shades of orange represented by the fabrics in this project remind me of a sweet and juicy naval orange. This association was the inspiration for its chosen name. Combined together are five separate layers of cotton, wool and burlap. Added for embellishments are a single green button along with a variety of stitches.

Raspberry Orange Slush, AP 196
Raspberry Orange Slush, Art Piece # 196

This project is one of my favorites. I just love the reds, raspberry, orange and teal. All of them combined together create a cheerful appearance. Near the center is a shiny pink bead. This bead along with a variety of multi-colored stitching adds a level of pizazz unattainable by fabric alone.

Hashtag, AP 197
Hashtag, Art Piece # 197

The Hashtag, or pound sign, is a nationally recognized symbol. The symbol, found printed on the included white fabric, was the inspiration for the title of my composition. Also included in the list of features for this project is a navy blue woven fabric, a grey plaid and a sky blue cotton printed with stars and orbs. Added for embellishments are a variety of decorative stitches and a single navy blue button.

Bruised, AP # 198
Bruised, Art Piece # 198

Everyone has been bruised at least once during their life. The colors found in this item remind me of a bruise. Beginning with a very lively cotton and branching out to the green and bright orange wools along with a very dark, multi-colored strip of sari fabric they all replicate varying stages of a bruise. A single plum button and decorative stitching were added as embellishments.

Floating Triangles, AP 199
Floating Triangles, Art Piece # 199

I assigned the name Floating Triangles to this art project because of the random dotted triangles which appear to be suspended in mid air. This piece with the linear printed black on white background, the black wool, the white material with triangles and the single red wool circle has a geometric theme. Added as embellishments is a series of black French knots along with lines of varying lengths.

thank you!

Before closing let me thank you for showing an interest in my activities. I am grateful for your participation and look forward to your comments.

Best wishes for a wonderful day!

Fiber Art By Cindy Anderson

Art Pieces 184-191

Dressed to Party, AP 189

Let’s Review:

Over the past six weeks I have been sharing photos and stories of my recently finished art pieces. Included below is a list with links to all of the items. A lot of time and effort went into those projects. If you have a little extra time I hope that you will explore some of the stories.


Art Pieces 184-191:

Included in this next grouping is eight new items. All of them were attached to an 8”x10” stretched canvas frame. Let’s take a look.

New Life For A Discard, AP 184
New Life For A Discard, Art Piece # 184 (SOLD)

This very unusual composition began with a layer of yellow gauze stretched around a canvas frame. Directly above that is a band of hand dyed green gauze. The next two layers, one of orange dotted cotton and a harvested remnant from a former adventure, provide the third and fourth elements. Adding panache is a variety of hand-applied stitches along with a single bone colored button.

Reclaimed Fabric Scrap, AP 185
Reclaimed Fabric Scrap, Art Piece # 185

I am not above scrounging through donated scrap baskets to look for useable specimens. Situated somewhat near the center of this item is a row of pieced together fabric strips. The combined grouping was once part of a much larger creation. I found the wrinkled mass stuffed inside a bucket of scraps. Imagine my surprise at the discovery. The otherwise unwanted structure was adopted into my family of art quilting supplies. Being able to utilize a small portion in this project was absolutely thrilling. Not to be overlooked is the other design features. The first to be incorporated was a base layer of hand-dyed yellow gauze. Directly above that is a square of black on green polka dot fabric. Next came the aforementioned fabric scrap and a single large green button. A variety of stitches were added to both secure the items in place as well as incorporate an artistic flair.

Polka Dot Dance, AP 186
Polka Dot Dance, Art Piece # 186

Polka Dots hold a prominent place among the elements of this project. Their abundance was the reasoning behind the title of the art piece. Serving as a base for the dotted materials is the orange on orange cotton fabric. Added as an embellishment is a single peach button. Protruding from its holes are cascading strands of cotton thread adorned with square metallic beads. The entire fiber art piece was saturated with a variety of hand stitches. Among them are numerous French knots.

Quotations, AP 187
Quotations, Art Piece # 187

Can you guess why I titled this item Quotations? If your answer is the orange fabric, then you are correct! There is, however, one more reason…the pieced fabric strip that runs diagonally across the orange fabric is the second reason. The shape is my abstract interpretation of a quotation mark. To bring more attention to the fabrics I added oodles of hand stitching. Look closely and you will see a zigzag stitch marching around the perimeter of the orange square. The zigzags replicate the triangular image of the handmade quotation mark. At the top of each zigzag peak and inside each center are French knots. Traveling around the perimeter of my handmade quotation mark is a row of running stitch. These stitches give more definition to the shape. All three of the fabrics that form the punctuation mark have their own set of markings. To the brown dotted material I added grey French knots. The white polka dot and the rust triangle both were embellished with seed stitch. All combined the elements create a very interesting composition.

Reach For The Stars, Art Piece # 188
Reach For The Stars, Art Piece # 188

This composition is an abstract interpretation of the sun with its revolving planets and the billions of stars inour galaxy. The sun is the large button. The planets, although more numerous than our own, are the metallic teal square beads. The small white dots are the distant stars. If you can visualize my concept then I think you can understand why I chose to call this art piece Reaching For The Stars. The only fabric used in my design is a single square of dotted grey cotton. This one piece of material provided the base from which everything else blossomed.

Dressed to Party, AP 189
Dressed To Party, Art Piece # 189

Who doesn’t like to get all dressed up to go to a party! This fiber art piece, with all of its glitzy spender, is dressed and ready to celebrate. First to be added was a lively green and white chevron fabric. Stacked on top is a variety of fabric pieces; each adding its own element of flair. The finishing touches of lace, beads, French knots and other assorted stitches all help to pull together an outfit unlike any other.

Mirror Image, AP 190
Mirror Image, Art Piece # 190

This fiber art piece contains four design elements: a deep brown wool, a red checked wool, twin pieces of crocheted lace and decorative stitching. The twin sections of lace were placed next to one another to make them appear as is they were one. The process of doing so gave me the inspiration to title this piece Mirror Image.

Christmas Memories, AP 191
Christmas Memories, Art Piece # 191

This composition began with a candy striped cotton fabric. The design of the fabric also includes intentional markings that give it an antiqued appearance. Layered above is a red and a green piece of wool. Giving the project even more of a Christmas theme is the yellow, green and red ribbon. A combination of French knots and other stitching were incorporated to add the sparkle the composition deserves.

thank you!

Before closing let me thank you for showing an interest in my activities. I am grateful for your participation and look forward to your comments.

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Fiber Art By Cindy Anderson

Art Pieces 176-183

Mulled Cider AP 178

Many, Many Projects:

I enjoy the process of sharing my completed 8×10’s. Over the last several weeks I have revealed thirty-eight uniquely designed specimens. Thirty-eight sounds like a lot but I have more than that yet to go.

Loads of Fun:

Designing and implementing these small art projects is a very contagious practice. The manageable size and portability make them easy to work with no matter where I am. Typically I spend several days pulling together various combinations of fabric. After setting aside a number of groupings I draw on my supplies of beads, buttons, lace, recycled sari and kantha cloth, among other items, to add as embellishments.

A Change In Technique:

Up until now I have used white stretched canvas as the background for 99% of my 8×10’s. Lately I have decided to cover the canvas with fabric. The last photo to be shared in this post includes a fabric covered frame. This new technique adds a more striking element. Even though I am very fond of the white canvas background it’s always nice to try something new.

What’s In The Future:

For now I believe I will most likely continue to wrap my canvases with fabric; however, I have also considered making my own wood frames and stretching my own, unpainted canvas over the edges. Who knows what the future will bring!

Let’s Wrap This Up:

I could go on talking about this art form but, with so many more items yet to be shared, it is time to wrap this entry up. Below you will find two collages. Lets take a look at eight more finished specimens.

Jimenas Treasures, AP 176
Jimenas Treasures, Art Piece 176

Jimenas Treasures is the name of the Etsy website where I purchase my fabric wrapped beads. The three beads attached to this composition were made by the owner of the shop. I named this project after the business. As is often the case, I began this fiber art piece with a square of gold colored wool. Situated vertically along the left edge is a denim colored fabric strip. Horizontally placed is a teal scrap with like-colored, randomly placed orbs. Also in a vertical placement is gold and denim themed strip of kantha cloth. Atop the whole stack are two thread covered wire beads and one painted fabric bead. Decorative rows of hand stitching were applied for both functionality and artistic appeal.

Snap Decision, AP 177
Snap Decision, Art Piece # 177

Over the years I have acquired an inventory of unusual trinkets. One of the items I purchased was this oversized snap. The snap was the catalyst for naming this project. Among the components found within this project are a butterscotch colored wool a section of eco-dyed fabric, a harvested strip of kantha cloth and the overly sized snap. Artistically applied stitches serve not only to secure the elements in place but also to add interest.

Mulled Cider AP 178
Mulled Cider, Art Piece # 178

Mulled cider has an earthy coloring similar to the one used in this composition. Their shared resemblance was the reason for the title of this item. This art piece began with a layer of fringed gold wool. Added second was a copper colored section and above that is a small square of hand painted dryer sheet. Topping the three-some off is a beautifully colored, fabric wrapped bead. To add artistic flair a variety of straight stitches as well as French knots were added.

Blueberry Skull, AP 179
Blueberry Skull, Art Piece # 179

This fuzzy little specimen was assembled using a layer of green wool, a deep purple sari scrap a small section of red wool plaid and one blue sugar skull. The sugar skull was the reason for the art project’s name. Added for special interest were a variety of hand stitching techniques using Perle cotton thread. As is typical for many of my art projects, this one also has a number of French knots.

Scalloped Edges, AP 180
Scalloped Edges, Art Piece # 180

This item was named Scalloped Edge because of the vertical strip of scalloped rickrack. Chosen to coordinate with the rickrack was a midnight blue wool fabric, and a floral inspired section of recycled sari fabric. All three items were secured in place with a variety of hand stitching techniques.

Olive Drab, AP 181
Olive Drab, Art Piece # 181

The coloring of the attached wool fabric along with the hand-dyed silk were the inspiration for the identity of this project. Layered over the silk is a salvaged section of crocheted lace. Directly above that is a single green button. This item was embellished with a variety of hand stitches using a Perle cotton thread. Among the stitches used are the French knot and the running stitch.

Elaborate Flower, AP 182
Elaborate Flower, Art Piece # 182

I chose to title this project Elaborate Flower because of the crocheted flower attached to the center of the composition. Also included in the elements of the design are two pieces of wool, a warm brown and a rich rust, along with a shiny yellow glass bead. Securing both wool fabrics in place are a series of stitches applied with brown thread. The crocheted flower was attached with like-colored thread.

Seeing Dots, AP 183
Seeing Dots, Art Piece # 183

This composition contains two fabrics printed with polka dots. The presence of the dots were the inspiration for this item’s title. Among the other features are a green gauze wrapped frame, a blue swatch of textured wool and a single blue button. To bring more emphasis to the design I added areas of stitching that serve both as an embellishment and as a means to secure the fabrics in place.

thank you!

Before closing let me thank you for showing an interest in my activities. I am grateful for your participation and look forward to your comments.

Best wishes for a wonderful day!