Tea and Art: Project Complete

Saw Tooth Star –

I love spending time with my grandchildren. Way back on September 21, 2015 I posted a story about a project we participated in. During our special day the children finished making three saw tooth star blocks.

Left unfinished were the bindings. Binding is one of my daughter’s least favorite things to do so I volunteered to add them.

Procrastination? –

Obviously quite a bit of time has passed since my original post. If I had simply set this project aside because of a bad case of procrastination I would be embarassed to even bring you up-to-date. But an endless stream of life experiences, both good and bad, left this tiny project languishing on my shelf. I’m so glad to be able to get back to finishing them up.

Binding –

To make binding these squares a little easier my daughter had cut, stitched, pressed and rolled together a large roll of binding. Using that neatly prepared resource it was easy to machine stitch the binding to the front side of each block. I then flipped the blocks over to reveal the back side, folded the binding to the back, pressed them in place and secured it with my clips.  With needle and thread I hand stitched the edge of the binding down.

Drum roll please…….

I’m happy to say they are finally finished. Here they are!

Cindy Anderson at In A Stitch Quilting


Tea and Fart

Quite sometime ago my oldest daughter declared Tuesday mornings to be Tea & Art day. She home-schools three of my grandchildren. On most Tuesday mornings, throughout their school year, Tuesday morning is set aside for reading poetry, sipping tea, eating dessert, learning about famous artists and creating our own art project. Sometimes the projects are based upon the artist we studied and other times they are just fun things to do. Since it’s beginning we have painted, colored, even sewed pillows, pillow cases and place mats.

Somewhere along the way the activity was playfully renamed Tea & Fart. The humorous swap was made only because the two words rhyme. The phrase stuck like feathers on tar. To this date we refer to Tuesday mornings as Tea & Fart.

I’ve absolutely loved exploring the world of art with my grandchildren. Here’s one of the projects we did recently.