Once In A Blue Moo, Art Piece 81 Renovation

Once In A Blue Moo, AP 81
Once In A Blue Moo, AP 81
Once In A Blue Moo, Art Piece # 81

The Origin Of Its Name

Once in a blue moon” is a well-known idiom. The phrase, which happens every thirty-two months, refers to the occurrence of a second full moon within a calendar month. The idiom was the inspiration for the naming of this art quilt. The project took on a whimsical nature with the addition of an unusual embellishment and fabric strip. A quick glance will reveal the presence of a vertical navy blue section of fabric with the word MOO repeatedly printed on its surface. The color of the fabric as well as the wording inspired me to call my project Once In A Blue Moon Moo.

Original Features

In its original completed state the quilt measured 7 3/4” x 7 3/4” with these identifying features:

  • a multi-colored barn with a stylish, wood-grained, teal door
  • a teal zipper pull functioning as a door handle
  • a chimney fashioned from a single teal fabric scrap
  • a grassy base represented by the horizontal fringed, teal fabric strip and
  • cleverly applied hand quilting, using both matching and coordinating colors (note: look for the stitches used to represent smoke arising from the chimney).

The Renovation

Early in 2020 I made the decision to reinvent a number of my fiber art pieces. This small art quilt was one of the chosen projects. After removing the facings from all four edges I began the process of retrofitting it for a stretched canvas frame. To the freshly trimmed edges I added two borders. The first is a soft blue and the second a lively print. Both were chosen because they mimicked colors already present. The new borders were quilted with color coordinated threads using simple straight line stitching. The finished 12” x 12” art form sports a fresh new look. See for yourself!

Once In A Blue Moo, AP 81
Once In A Blue Moo, Art Piece # 81

I think the added changes elevated my fiber art piece to a whole new level; a level that resulted in a sale. This composition was SOLD during my solo exhibit at Raven’s Wish Gallery last summer.

Thank You

Thank you for spending that last few minutes reading about my latest adventure. I hope that you found the experience enjoyable. Till our paths cross once again stay safe and healthy!

With warm regards,

Esmerelda, Art Piece 55 Renovation

Court House Friends, AP 55

Operation Renovation:

Very early this year I challenged myself to update a number of my fiber art pieces. My goal was to improve their curb appeal and adjust their measurements to make them suitable for mounting on a stretched canvas frame.

Humble Beginnings:

The teeny tiny center, of this art specimen, could very easily have been tossed into the trash; the remnant was leftover from one of my earlier projects. Not wanting to waste a speck of color I challenged myself to turn it into something spectacular. In its original format, this small art piece was surrounded by a blue border and measured only 5” x 6 1/4”.

Court House Friends, AP 55
Court House Friends 10 of 14, AP # 55


To elevate the status of this small art piece I sought out a combination of fabrics that would create an eye-catching ensemble. The first to be selected was a multi-colored batik. The colors included in the batik provided lots of inspiration for other companions. Pulled to accompany the batik was a beautiful lilac and a lively chartreuse.

A Wonderful Surprise:

After adding the three new borders I studied my composition to establish my next move. As I focused on the tiny fabric scraps I began to notice the image of a long-necked bird with a small purple beak. Once I identified that vision it was full speed ahead. The first change to take place was the orientation. In its original state the bird would have been positioned upside down. I solved that dilemma by simply turning the composition 180°. To fully outfit my stately bird I added a blue bead for an eye and spiraled locks of hair. Her coiffed hair is her most striking feature. The colors chosen for her locks were inspired by the three added borders.

Fancy Stitching:

Continuing on my quest for panache I embellished all four borders. The original blue material was decorated with a running stitch in a matching colored thread. On the lovely lilac, between the rows of machine stitching, I added color coordinated + signs. The bold chartreuse, rather glitzy all on its own, received an extra nudge as well. To this third border I added a simple running stitch. The fourth and final border was embellished with straight lines of machine-stitching.

I Christen Thee:

The regal bird, with her stately attire and her lavish furnishings, was an accomplishment beyond my imagination. In her former life she was known as Court House Friends # 10 of 14. The name recognized her former life as a repurposed ugly quilt block. Given the elevated status this gorgeous lady had achieved I simply couldn’t make her retain that name; that would be unheard of! To find a more appropriate identity I began auditioning names, pausing long enough to consider their suitability. After considering a number of options I decided to christen my feathered friend Esmerelda. The name sounds royal, which suits her perfectly.

Final Details:

Esmerelda sits on top of a 12” x 12” stretched canvas frame. To the back I added a protective layer of paper. The barrier serves as protection from dust and bugs. To make it easy for her to be displayed on a wall two d-rings and a length of wire were attached. Also present is silicone bumpers to provide ventilation and help her with stability.

Time to take a look at my latest triumph!

Esmerelda, AP 55
Esmerelda, Art Piece # 55

Thank You:

I am so happy that you were able to be here and witness the joyful unveiling of my newest accomplishment…Esmerelda!

Thank you for being my audience!

Fiber Art By Cindy Anderson

Ahoy, Art Piece # 18

Four Friends, AP 18

Operation Renovation:

My ongoing renovation project continues with today’s journal entry. Last week I shared the reincarnation of The Odd One, Art Piece # 17.

The Odd One, AP 17
The Odd One, Art Piece # 17


Up for discussion today is an item I finished back in July, 2017, known as Four Friends, Art Piece # 18.


Part of the fun of a renovation project is seeing the before and after photos. Let’s see what Four Friends looked like before I tackled her reinvention.

Four Friends, AP 18
Four Friends, Art Piece # 18


Portions of this sweet little project were once part of a much larger one. When I decided to modify a number of my art pieces, this was one of the products to evolve. A total of 17 building blocks were harvested from three existing fiber art quilts. After shuffling them around to create new and improved specimens four blocks were chosen for this composition.


Once the selection process was over I trimmed each of  the four blocks down to 4 1/2”x4 1/2”.  In their previous state, the stark white borders were just too boring for me; this time around I wanted to add more color.

To distract the attention from the dramatic white borders I added strips cut from a royal blue fabric printed with floating fish. The floating fish worked perfectly with the theme I was developing. Next I added a layer of batting and a backing. The entire sandwich was then quilted with straight-line quilting using a color coordinated variegated thread.

Choosing A Name:

My art pieces always have an assigned name; sometimes it’s chosen even before the fabrics are stitched together. For this item I new exactly what I would call it the minute I selected the blocks. All four were chosen to be together because they reminded me of a boat.  Since they were created using improvisational techniques I think it is amazing that this even occurred. A grouping of ugly quilt blocks were repeatedly cut apart and stitched back together with no intention of ending up with a boat image. How crazy is that!

The four little boats with their floating fish borders now had a nautical theme. To set them on a path for smooth sailing I chose to call them  Ahoy. Here is how they looked just before their maiden voyage.

Ahoy, AP # 18
Ahoy, Art Piece # 18

Do you see what I am talking about?

Final Touches:

Once Ahoy was attached to the stretched canvas frame I added a layer of protection from dust and bugs with a paper backing. To make it easy to display the fiber art piece on a wall two d-rings and wire were added. I also attached silicone bumpers for ventilation and to help with stability. Ahoy, in its final form, measures 12”x12”x7/8”.

Thank You:

As always I am thrilled that you were able to spend time with me today! I hope that you enjoyed reading about my adventure as much as I did in sharing it. Let’s make a plan to do this again!

Best Wishes!

Cindy Anderson

Fiber Art By Cindy Anderson