Miranda Day Bag

My May Finish

Just like any other month the pages of May have disappeared as quickly as they arrived.  If it were not for this blog I would have very little recollection of what has transpired.  At the onset of May I registered with A Lovely Year of Finishes to complete a project I had on my to do list.  Selected for the challenge was the Miranda Day Bag from Lazy Girl Designs.  The pattern was purchased quite some time ago.  It wasn’t until recently that I had decided on and acquired the fabrics and remaining supplies.

The Timing Was Right

As most women would attest, the desire to change purses can happen as often as the seasons.  I’m not one to carry a tiny handbag.  Mine is almost always referred to as a “suitcase,” (i.e., rather large).  The itch to switch out my current purse had been bothering me persistently.  As May rolled around a small voice echoed in my brain telling me to, “do it now.”  What better time to satisfy the itch than the A Lovely Year of Finishes challenge.  So at the beginning of May I declared my intentions to make a Miranda Day Bag.

Get It Done

Compared to my previous A Lovely Year of Finishes accomplishments this one was a breeze.  In a relatively short amount of time I was able to cut out, quilt, stitch and assemble, what I consider to be, a magnificent creation.  I am absolutely pleased with my finished Miranda Day Bag.  The bag is loaded with pockets, sturdy, and downright beautiful.  Take a look for yourself.

So what did you think?  I’m absolutely certain, given the opportunity and/or desire, you too would love owning a Miranda Day Bag.

Before Signing Off

I’m sure you won’t be surprised if I mention that I made a few changes to my bag.  The first was to utilize a magnetic fastener rather than Velcro for my tab closure.  I also embellished my tab by stitching a color-coordinated button to the outside surface.  Oh, and one more thing . . . the pattern suggests purchasing and adding a Bag-E-Bottom.  While some might think this accessory is a bit pricey I believe they are a necessity.  They provide a flat sturdy bottom for your bag.

That’s A Wrap

This brings to a close another successful chapter in my A Lovely Year of Finishes participation.  I hope you have enjoyed following along with my project.  Who knows what’s next on my agenda?

May Goal

Although my calendar still says April (I’m not very good about tearing off the pages), it’s time to declare my project for the May A Lovely Year of Finishes Goal Setting Party.  So far this year these are the projects that have been entered, and if I might proudly add, were finished

Up To Bat

My goal for the month of May is to construct a Miranda Day Bag from Lazy Girl Designs.  I purchased this pattern years ago after stumbling across their website while on a mission to find patterns for purses.  Instantly I fell in love with the design and just had to add it to my collection.  As with many other patterns I have purchased, the Miranda Day Bag has been patiently waiting in my list of things to do, but not any more.

Time to Get Started

The fabric for my Miranda Day Bag was purchased back in March from here.  This is a photo of the fabric.


I’m really looking forward to tackling this project.  Stay tuned for updates on my progress.  If you are interested in seeing the projects the other participants have registered just click on Sew BitterSweet’s button above.  I’m sure they would love to have you visit.


My Heart Is Racing!

They Arrived!

For those that are regular followers of my blog you know that I spent most of the past four months concentrating on the Hurricane Sandy Quilt project. Last week I excitedly announced the completion of the fourth and final quilt on my roster. According to tracking records quilt’s # 4 and # 3 arrived at their New Jersey destination last Thursday.

Time to Shift Focus

My main focus for four months has been those four quilts. Very little else was thought of, scheduled or even entertained until that major hurdle had been overcome. As soon as I walked out of our local UPS store I instantly, and I mean instantly set my mind in motion. So many of the projects on my To Do List were screaming for my attention. The hard part would be deciding which ones would take priority.

Tote Bags Galore

Now being an overly organized nut, one would think I have my To Do List all prioritized. I suppose in a way I might. On the other hand I must have some spontaneity. As much as I love using my long arm quilter my imagination was drawn in the direction of the many tote bags patiently awaiting their turn. Some of the patterns I have had for several years. One of them I helped my middle daughter make when she was here a year ago. I jealously watched as her bag grew closer and closer to completion. Oh how I wanted to make one for myself.

The Lucky Ones Chosen Are

The more I thought about my endless possibilities the more I just knew it was time to make something fun. On my present To Do List is the Miranda Day Bag by Lazy Girl Designs, The Encore Purse Insert  by Studio Kat Designs and the Messenger Bag presented by From the Blue Chair. Pictured below are the fabric selections I have chosen for my activities:


Miranda Day Bag


The Encore Purse Insert


The Messenger Bag

Also making the top ten charts is my super secret project for the Stitched In Color challenge. I gave you a sneak peek of that last week.


Shelburne Falls Contest

I almost have that tote completed.

Letting Off Steam

Well I think that’s enough excitement for one day. I believe I let out just enough steam to keep myself from exploding. I have to hurry up and get this post published so that I can get my eyes back on my newly selected projects.

I’m Linking Up

I’m linking up with Freshly Pieced. Make sure you join the excitement brewing over there. Thanks so much for spending time with me. You are what makes this all worth while. Have a wonderful day!


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