It’s A Zoo In Here!

Well, technically not a zoo.  I have cats and a dog and you wouldn’t find cats and a dog in cages at a zoo.  But it feels like a zoo.

I’m busily creating Sandy Quilt Blocks in my sewing room and I’ve been joined by all three of our furry friends.  There’s Mayor Tom on his throne,

Mayor Tom

Jerry’s, of all places, in my woven wicker garbage can,

and Princess Sadie all curled up in her super comfy brown with white polka dots bed.

Now to me that’s a zoo, and a mighty fine one at that.

Since all three animals are sleeping in my sewing room, at the same time, in close proximity of each other, I would assume Sadie has been given Tom and Jerry’s seal of approval.  How cool is that!  Inch by inch, day by day Sadie’s becoming more a part of our family.

So what do you think?  Is it a zoo or isn’t it?

Look Who’s Sleeping On My Pillow

A while back I was surprised to discover that I was not the only one using my pillow. Much to my amazement I learned that my tabby cat, Jerry, has also found it very comfortable.

I was reminded of his fascination with my foam pillow today while Gary and I lounged on our love seat. From the love seat we can see into our bedroom. Contained within that opening is a bird’s-eye view of our neatly made king size bed. Gary and I were watching a program on television. From the corner of my eye I could see Jerry heading in the direction of our bed.

Mr. Jerry

Both Tom and Jerry adore sleeping on our king size, pillow top mattress. With one swift jump Jerry was airborne and softly landing on top of our comforter. I turned my head in the direction of our bedroom to watch what I assumed would be Jerry snuggling in for a nap. As I watched his progression I could see that he had other intentions. He was headed toward my pillow. Carefully he put one paw in front of the other, occasionally stopping to turn and look in our direction. It was obvious that he was concerned about being discovered.

When he reached our pillows, which were tucked beneath the bedding, he began pawing at the comforter. Carefully, diligently he worked at trying to lift the comforter. Eventually he was able to first slide a paw, and then a leg beneath the comforter. With the comforter elevated he was able to wriggle his body underneath. We watched as first his head, then his upper torso, then his lower body and finally his tail disappeared.

While this disappearing stunt was taking place we were not the only ones watching. Tom, our Maine Coone, was enthralled with Jerry’s actions.

Mayor Tom

As he saw Jerry disappear beneath the covers, Tom decided that the mound beneath our blankets would be a neat place to pounce. Tom leaped into the air and landed smack-dab in the middle of Jerry. Surprisingly the weight of Tom on top of Jerry didn’t cause Jerry to emerge. Tom continued his assault on Jerry by frantically pawing at the blanket mound. Yet, still Jerry didn’t budge. By this time I was cycling between the hilarity of Jerry getting under the covers, to Tom’s desperate attempt to engage Jerry in his playful routine, to the absurdity that my cat is now laying on top of my pillow that I sleep on.

With Tom busily pawing at Jerry’s blanket covered mound I contemplated my options. The first was to yell at the cats to get them to move from the area and the second was to sneak up and catch Jerry in the act of laying on my pillow. I chose the second option. As quietly as I could I tip-toed into my bedroom and walked around to my side of the bed. Gently I raised the comforter to expose Mr. Mischief. There, all curled up, comfy and relaxed, in the hollowed out portion of my contour pillow, was Jerry. He seemed confused at the dilemma before him. It appeared that he wasn’t sure if he should stay or run? The answer to me was obvious, RUN!

Discovering that my pillow made a wonderful cat bed was a bit disgusting. I wondered how many times Jerry had slept in the hollowed out section of my pillow? I wondered how he learned to lift the comforter and crawl underneath? I wondered where he ever got the idea to begin with?

Since the first time we observed Jerry tunneling beneath our covers we have witnessed numerous repeat performances. Obviously being discovered has played no role in deterring him from the adventure. To attempt to distract him from his mission we have tried pulling the covers up and over the pillow and then tucking them beneath. We have also taken to piling our decorative throw pillows on top. Although these measures seem like they would put an end to our problem they have only provided a slight hinderance. Keeping Jerry from sleeping on my pillow is an ongoing battle.