Art Pieces 168-175

Pleated, AP 168

Have you ever heard of a purple leopard? I have; of course that’s because I created one. Whenever possible I like to give my fiber art pieces an unusual name. I had so much fun designing and executing the eight projects I’m sharing today, however, I think Purple Leopard was the most entertaining. All of today’s items were mounted on an 8”x10” stretched canvas frame.

Pleated, AP 168
Pleated, Art Piece # 168

The base for this item is a square of blue grey wool. The second layer is a woven blue and white cotton. I stitched several pleats in the fabric to give it an extra punch. The fabric elements as well as the elongated, color coordinated, glass bead were all hand stitched to the canvas. The title of this piece was assigned because of the added pleating.

Purple Leopard, AP 169
Purple Leopard, Art Piece 169

Acting as a base for this jazzy art piece is a loosely woven rectangle of blue wool. The wool was attached to the stretched canvas with a row of running stitch. Layered above the wool is a piece of hand painted dryer sheet. I used an alternating row of orange x’s and green French knots along with two rows of running stitch to secure the dryer sheet in place. The third fabric layer is a rectangle of spotted purple. A row of zigzag stitching was added to draw more attention to this fabric. To adhere the spotted fabric I used two rows of a black running stitch and a row of blue and green French knots. On top of the fabrics three beads were added. The first a square purple, the second an oblong blue and the third a tiny blue seed bead. The final design elements to be incorporated are the four dangling knotted threads with secured yellow beads. The spotted purple fabric was the inspiration for this project’s name.

Ruffled, AP 170
Ruffled, Art Piece # 170

The single strip of ruffled lace provided the inspiration for this project’s name. Beginning with a royal blue square of warm wool this project has four different layers. The second is an oddly shaped, reclaimed section of sari fabric. The third is the previously mentioned lace. The fourth and final feature is a two-tone blue button. Each of the fiber elements were attached to the canvas frame with matching colored threads using a simple running stitch. The button was secured in the usual fashion.

The Owl, AP 171
The Owl, Art Piece # 171

The silver and gold button situated near the bottom of the yellow carrier rod has, in my opinion, a resemblance similar to that of an owl. This association was the inspiration for the title of this art piece. Aside from the previously mentioned yellow carrier rod and the owl faced button, this small art project also contains two pieces of wool, the first one tan and the second a rust plaid. Except for the yellow carrier rod, the remaining fabrics are held in place with rows of a simple running stitch. The tan layer also contains two groupings of French knots. The carrier rod was attached with a rust colored thread.

The Caterpillar, AP 182
The Caterpillar, Art Piece # 172

I named this fiber art piece The Caterpillar because of the thread-wrapped wire bead located atop a large purple button. This small art project began with a square of purple wool. Added for a pop of color is the multi-colored, hand painted dryer sheet. The button and the wire bead make up the final additions. To secure the wool and dryer sheet to the canvas frame I first added a single row of running stitch bordering the perimeter of the fabric. The final embellishment is a circular pattern of stitches echoing around the button.

Sunshine Rose, AP 173
Sunshine Rose, Art Piece # 173

Near the top of this composition is a square, gold colored button with the image of a sun. This button, along with the rose colored sari fabric upon which it rests, provided the motivation for the title of my project. Serving as the base for the fiber art piece is a layer of red wool. To the fabrics I added multiple rows of running stitch. The hand stitching is what secures the fabrics to the stretched canvas frame.

Peach Surprise, AP 174
Peach Surprise, Art Piece # 174

I titled this multi layered fiber art project Peach Surprise because of the peach coloring. Beginning with a layer of peach colored wool this item has three other layers. The first is a scraggly edged, recycled strip of kantha cloth. A much smaller multi-colored section was layered directly above that. The final layer is a very unusual, fabric wrapped bead. Using rows of running stitch, strategically placed French knots and randomly applied X’s I was able to secure the fabrics in place. The fabric button was stitched in place with cotton thread.

Scrappy Tartan, AP 175
Scrappy Tartan, Art Piece # 175

I created this item using a layer of red wool, a multi-colored blue plaid, a scrap of kantha cloth with dangling fabric fringe and a single red button. Rows of French knots, running stitch, and carefully placed X’s help to secure the elements in place. I titled this item Scrappy Tartan because of the blue plaid wool and the scrappy edges of the kantha cloth.

After reading the stories of my newest projects I hope that you will be inspired to share your thoughts. Your participation makes this journey even more rewarding.

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Fiber Art By Cindy Anderson

Art Pieces 150-151, 153-154, 156-158

Redemption, AP 158

The Beginning:

My blog was started as a platform to share my successes and disappointments with the art of longarm quilting. Late in 2019, after seven years of offering my services to my fellow quilting enthusiasts, I decided to stop. In fact my longarm quilt machine has sat idle since May, 2019, with one of my own quilts loaded on the rolls and patiently waiting to be finished.

My Activities:

Even though my longarm machine has been quiet my studio has not. I’ve poured my efforts into wrapping up as many unfinished projects as possible and into creating smaller, easier to handle fiber art pieces. Their smaller size lets me easily transport and work on them wherever I go. I take them with me to my Little Cabin In The Woods, and anywhere else that I will have an extended downtime.

Seven More Specimens:

My love of designing and working with the smaller specimens has distracted me from writing about them here. For more than a year my completed art projects have been stockpiled just waiting for the spotlight. Over the last few weeks I have been setting aside time to share my triumphs. Being share today are seven more specimens.

Yellow Tail, Art Piece # 150:

Titled Yellow Tail because of the dangling yellow thread, this composition was created using three layers of material; a green felt, an orange batik and a yellow/gold batik. All three layers were secured in place with hand stitching. The entire art piece was attached to an 8”x10” stretched canvas frame.

Yellow Tail, AP 150
Yellow Tail, Art Piece # 150

Yellow Corset, Art Piece # 151

This simple little art piece was created using a layer of green felt, a gathered section of synthetic gold fabric, a small strip of orange batik and one lime green zipper pull. The stretchy gold fabric reminded me of a corset and as a result I used that image as the inspiration for the title. Decorative hand stitching was used to both secure the elements in place and add visual interest. This fiber art piece measures 8”x10”.

Yellow Corset, AP 151
Yellow Corset, Art Piece # 151

Poppies, Art Piece # 153:

Attached to an 8”x10” stretched canvas frame this small specimen was assembled from two fabrics: a rectangle of green felt and a hand-dyed cotton fabric. The pattern and colors achieved through the fabric dyeing process brought back memories of my mother’s poppy garden. To draw more attention to the small orange spheres I embellished them with French knots. Also incorporated were several yellow French knots and array of other hand stitches.

Poppies, AP 153
Poppies, Art Piece # 153

Bolo Tie, Art Piece # 154:

Contained within this composition is a rectangle of green felt, a multi-colored strip of fabric and a hand dyed strip of rickrack. The green felt was secured to an 8”x10” stretched canvas frame using a simple running stitch. The remaining items were attached with French knots. Two blue strings dangle on either side of the folded fabric center. The blue strings combined with the folded fabric reminded me of a bolo tie; thus the origin of the projects title.

Bolo Tie, AP 154
Bolo Tie, Art Piece # 154

All Dressed Up, Art Piece # 156:

This 8”x10” art piece is All Dressed Up with an unusual grouping of elements. Serving as its base is a felted wool coaster. Directly above that is a strip of multi-toned batik, two dotted fabrics: a brown with white and a white with metallic dots. Topping off the composition is a jazzy hand-made bead. The wool coaster was attached to the stretched canvas frame with small dashes of gold thread. Two gold X’s were used to secure the multi-toned batik and the gold dotted cotton was embellished with like colored French knots. The bead was also secured in place with hand stitching.

All Dressed Up, AP 156
All Dressed Up, Art Piece # 156

Road Trip, Art Piece # 157:

This 8”x10” fiber art piece was also assemble using a felted wool coaster for its base. Added for decorative interest was a strip of multi-toned brown batik and one gold snap. Multiple rows of running stitch were used to both secure the components in place as well as add visual interest. The vertically oriented blue area of color with its artistic stitching remind me of both a roadway as well as a meandering river. This association inspired me to title this item Road Trip.

Road Trip, AP 157
Road Trip, Art Piece # 157

Redemption, Art Piece # 158:

The word Redemption was printed on the white strip of fabric. The presence of that word is the reason for the title of this item. Created from a vertically placed strip of red plaid and a reclaimed remnant from a previous project this item’s elements are simple yet striking. Rows of running stitch were used to attach the wool plaid in place. The reclaimed, multi-sectioned fabric strip was adorned with black stitches and a single white French knot.

Redemption, AP 158
Redemption, Art Piece # 158

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Art Pieces 142-148

Extra Buttons, AP 143

I am thrilled to once again be able to share a small grouping of my finished 8”x10” stretched canvas art pieces. Included in today’s grouping is items 142 through 148. I had so much fun creating each of these small works of art. Hopefully you will find them as pleasing as I do.

Floating Stars, Art Piece # 142

A rich grey felt is the backdrop for this simple but interesting composition. Layered directly above is a rectangle of white cotton printed with floating black spheres. The floating images were the inspiration for this items title. The deep grey felt was secured to the canvas with both machine and hand stitches. Hand stitches are the only thing holding the white cotton in place.

Floating Stars, AP 142
Floating Stars, Art Piece # 142

Extra Buttons, Art Piece # 143

I enjoy finding scraps with unusual features. The focus of this composition is a synthetic fabric with two attached buttons. The presence of these buttons was the inspiration for art piece # 143’ss name. Beneath the section of synthetic fabric is a rectangle of teal wool woven in a houndstooth pattern. The wool was attached to the canvas frame with machine stitching. A hand applied running stitch secures the extra buttons and their companion fabric in place.

Extra Buttons, AP 143
Extra Buttons, Art Piece # 143

Belly Button, Art Piece # 144

Just the thought of adding an unusual name to one of my fiber art pieces makes me giggle. In this instance the hand made bead affixed near the center of this specimen reminded me of a belly button. That association between the two made me smile. This revelation inspired me to title this project Belly Button. The base of this item is a wool and synthetic coaster. Layered above is a reclaimed scrap of sari fabric and the unusual bead. The coaster was secured in place with machine stitching. The remaining components were attached by hand with Perle cotton thread.

Belly Button, AP 144
Belly Button, Art Piece # 144

Enjoy, Art Piece # 145

I like to scour my favorite craft stores looking for embellishments to add to my art projects. On one such occasion I stumbled across a grouping of large paper clips adorned with buttons. The clip attached to this item was one of the clips I purchased. Printed on the button is the word Enjoy. The presence of that word inspired me to title this composition Enjoy. Anchored in place with machine stitching is a wool and synthetic coaster. Attached above that are a variety of fabric scraps. The scraps along with the giant paperclip were secured with hand stitching.

Enjoy, AP 145
Enjoy, Art Piece # 145

Fancy Tie, Art Piece # 146

A rectangle of solid black wool is the base for this item. Layered on top is a remnant from one of my previous projects. The wool was adhered to the canvas frame with machine stitching. The reclaimed remnant was secured with a simply applied running stitch. In my vision of this art piece I see the black wool functioning as a black suit coat. The multi-colored fabric scraps remind me of a starched white dress shirt and a colorful tie. The image of the tie is what inspired me to name this small composition Fancy Tie.

Fancy Tie, AP 146
Fancy Tie, Art Piece # 146

Brown and Blue, Art Piece # 147

Names do not have to be complicated. The name of this item is a prime example. I chose to use the fabric colors as the inspiration for the title. Obviously included in this composition is the colors brown and blue. A multi-toned brown wool was layered with a solid black strip of fabric and a tiny triangle of soft blue cotton. The entire grouping was attached to the canvas with hand stitching using a Perle cotton thread.

Brown and Blue, AP 147
Brown and Blue, Art Piece # 147

Blue and Green, Art Piece # 148

Just as with the previous art piece the name for this project was inspired by the colors of the included fabrics. First to be secured to the canvas was a rectangle of deep grey felt. Running vertically above is a strip of blue and green check cotton fabric. Next to be attached was a two-tone blue cotton and finally a blue wool circle. All four items were hand stitched to the surface with Perle cotton thread.

Blue and Green, AP 148
Blue and Green, Art Piece # 148

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