Tenth Anniversary

WordPress recently reminded me of an important milestone.

I first began blogging the year my husband was diagnosed with cancer for the second time. Our lives were turned upside down with the devastating news. To deal with the stress and disappointment I began posting about the daily adventures we experienced. All of the entries were made under a different blog address.

Not all anniversaries are greeted with enthusiasm. This one, even though it brings back all of the associated struggles, is a milestone to celebrate. I am overjoyed to report that my sweet, sweet partner is very much alive and kicking.

With much gratitude!

A Milestone

I’ve been a blogger since 2010. During that time I’ve maintained three different blogs. This one is my most recent. The blog has been in existence for darn near five years. The anniversary is just around the corner. Be watching for a celebration.

Five years go by really fast. During these five years I have entered a boatload of posts. Five Hundred to be exact. The sole purpose of today’s post is to merely celebrate that milestone. I wouldn’t have paid attention to the number if I hadn’t received this notice from WordPress. So here’s my low-key shout out to commemorate my accomplishment.