Friday Favorites: Pinterest

IMG_7639_ffWelcome to Friday Favorites!

I must admit I am a Pinterest junkie. At last count I have accumulated over 2,600 pins on 68 different boards. Keeping track of what I have pinned is darn near next to impossible. Every once and awhile I see an item that catches my eye and when trying to pin it Pinterest reminds me I already have. If only there were an app that would help me keep track of where I put things! Then I would have it made.

Of all the boards I have, there are five that are really pertinent to my business. They are:

  1. Quilting patterns –
  2. Quilting stitches –
  3. Patterns for totes and more –
  4. Mug rug patterns –
  5. Pillow patterns –

If you are a Pinterest nut, like I am, then I know you are curious about my pins. So get going and check them out. Then send me a comment with your thoughts and or your favorite pin. Thanks for stopping by!