FREE Fabric!!!

Last Friday I had the pleasure of spending the day with two of my classmates from the retreat I attended in May plus one more fabric enthusiast. Two of the shoppers, Nancy and Eileen, came from Madison. Barb, my roommate at the retreat, lives in Milwaukee.

Our rendezvous was a fabric shop in Mukwonago, Wisconsin. Mukwonago is approximately sixty minutes, give or take a few, from my home. If you aren’t a fabric nut like I am you probably are wondering why I would drive so far to purchase material; especially when there are vendors near by. To that thought I would give four responses.

  1. The closest merchant to me sells discount fabric. I like low prices but not low quality.
  2. I prefer fabrics that do not fall into the “Civil War” era for color and design.
  3. It’s FUN!
  4. I could receive FREE fabric there!

Free? Yes, I said free! Back in May I went to the Mukwonago quilt shop known as Quilt-agious to participate in their second birthday celebration. While there I registered for their drawing. The lucky winner of the drawing would be entitled to one yard of free fabric for the next twelve months. That translates into twelve yards of free fabric. Who wouldn’t love to take advantage of that opportunity!

To my surprise, on May 17, 2016, I received a very exciting phone call. The caller ID identified the incoming call as originating from Mukwonago. As I raised my phone to answer, my heart started to race. Could it possibly be? The caller identified herself as being from the quilt shop. When she announced I was the winner of the prize I was overjoyed. I couldn’t believe it! I had won their awesome prize.

Friday was the day chosen to meet my friends to retrieve my first yard of fabric. The four of us had a wonderful time exploring the shop, caressing the fabric and comparing notes on which ones were our favorites. There were many fabrics that we all adored. One in particular was chosen by all of us as worthy to purchase. It’s the one shown below.


Shopping often works up an appetite. Not more than two doors down was the restaurant where we grabbed a bite to eat. Before finishing our meal, new plans were hatched to check out two more fabric shops. Both were fairly close to one another. Their close proximity made it easy to justify the additional browsing.

While brainstorming about fabric combinations, at our second destination, an idea began to develop. Since all four of us had purchased a section of the same fabric we decided this would be the perfect opportunity to challenge one another to use that fabric. All four of us agreed to participate. The only two requirements were that the fabric needed to be in the challenge piece and it needed to be finished by December of 2016. Any other fabrics or embellishments added were at the designers discretion.

I think it would be safe to say that all four of us had a wonderful time shopping, eating and sharing conversation. Setting up the fabric challenge was just icing on the cake.

Normally I would give updates on my project as it progresses but, since my friends just may be stalking my website, I can’t afford to give them any sneak peeks. Just like them you will have to wait.