Westward Ho or Can You Hear Me? Part 1

A Restored Log Cabin

We went on an excursion recently to parts west of our home. Our destination was a restored log cabin hidden amongst the trees in a quiet part of Missouri. The purpose of our trip was to relax and unwind with family and friends.

Cabin From A Distance
Cabin from a Distance

The restored cabin, originally built decades ago, was disassembled and moved from one side of a lake to another. With all of its pieces carefully put back together, along with the addition of modern day conveniences, the restored log home provides shelter and comfort for a growing family. It was hard not to be enamored with the history of the building, the logs, and character.

I side view of one of the logs

When the process of reassembling the log home was complete their remained several unused pieces of wood. A decision was made to convert them into benches for the front porch. The Benches were delivered during our visit. This is a glimpse of one of the benches.

A Bench
A Bench Fashioned from Leftover Log Cabin Logs

Yucky Weather!

The weather outside was a mixed bag of rain, wind, and clouds along with an occasional teasing glimpse of sunshine. Not exactly what we had ordered; these days the weather leaves much to be desired. As if to thumb our noses at the chilly temperatures, and ever so present falling precipitation, we donned layers of sweaters, coats, hats and gloves and went outside to explore the wonders of the property.

Our feet were protected by waterproof footwear to keep the soggy earth from spoiling our fun. We spent hours traversing the terrain enjoying the early spring sights and sounds. Among the sounds heard were the rain as it fell upon the leaves, the muffled noise of twigs breaking beneath our feet and the squish, squish of the rained soaked earth as it moved beneath our feet. Also heard was the monotonous sound of water spilling over a bank.

More Texture


I walked around the log home several times taking in the surroundings. The landscaping is simple and easy to take care of; which is important when you would rather enjoy your visit than spend all of your time doing chores. On one of my many circles around the outside I spotted this rock. The natural markings caught my attention. The two, richly colored orbs on either side reminded me of eyes and the peach colored indentation in the front looked like a mouth. Combined together to me they resembled a fish.

A Fish?
A Fish or Just A Rock?

This is a view of the rock from the side.

Side View
Side View of Fish?

So what’s your opinion?

A Swing Set

During our visit we also helped to build a swing set and climbing tower for the youngest members. Being able to complete 3/4’s of the structure was quite an accomplishment given the amount of precipitation that fell.

Swing Set

Thats All For Now

We had such a great adventure at the restored log cabin and with so much to tell I simply must divide this post up into several pieces. It wouldn’t be fair to tell you the whole thing all at once; your eyes would glass over and your mind would go crazy. So for now…bye from Missouri!

Brother and Sister
Mr. B, Ms. A and Beaker the Energetic Corgi

Thank You!

Thank You so much for taking the time to visit today. I’m so glad that you were able to stop by.

Talk with you soon!