Sandy Quilt # 3 is Finished!

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Another Quilt is Ready

I’ve worked diligently to bring to completion Sandy Quilt # 3.  With much joy I am pleased to report it is finally finished.  Through the efforts of the wonderful ladies that constructed the individual blocks coupled with the hours I have logged to assemble the quilt top, apply the quilting stitches and finally frame it with a binding this quilt is now ready to be shipped.


A Look Back

Sandy Quilt # 3 is the third of four quilts I am assembling for the Hurricane Sandy Quilt Project sponsored in part by the Quilting Gallery.  Historical details of the process can be found here, here, here and here.  Listed below are its vital statistics:

  • The quilt has 6 rows of 7 blocks each for a total of 42 blocks
  • The quilt measures 83.75″ wide  x 99.25″ long
  • The blocks originated from California (12) , British Columbia, Canada (10), Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada (6), Vermont (1), Washington (6), Wisconsin (5), and Wyoming (2)
  • The quilt has two borders.  Border # 1 is blue and measures 2.5″ wide.  Border # 2 is black and measures 4″ wide.
  • The binding is black
  • The brand of batting is Warm & Natural
  • The backing was made from a multicolored, paisley print, flannel fabric
  • The outer border was quilted with a meandering stitch, the blue border has a bubble stitch and the body of the quilt was stitched with a paisley pattern





Cross that One Off

Well there you have it.  Although I am able to record this one as a successfully completed project for the 2013 A Lovely Year of Finishes challenge there’s an endless list of other items awaiting attention.  No time to bask in the glow.  Time to move on to Sandy Quilt # 4.

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Sandy Quilt # 3 Progress


Welcome to my corner of the world.  They say time passes quickly when we are having fun.  If that truly is correct then I guess I’ve been having a blast.  The days come and go so rapidly I can barely remember what all has transpired.  The most important accomplishment I do remember is the progress on my Sandy Quilt # 3.

Sandy Quilt # 3

I registered this quilt in the 2013 A Lovely Year of Finishes at the beginning of this month.  Since making the commitment to complete the project by the 28th I’m happy to say I am almost finished with the quilting.  As of right now it’s loaded on my Tin Lizzie Long Arm.  Of the seven rows that need quilting I have almost completed four.  By Wednesday evening I hope to have the seventh and final row done and the quilt removed and ready for binding.  The binding has already been cut, stitched together and pressed so it’s ready and waiting for the final step.

Sneak Peek

With the quilt currently loaded on my machine it’s not possible to show photos of the entire creation.  The next best thing is a sneak peek so that will have to do for now.  Here’s a little taste of how it looks.



Looks great doesn’t it?

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Sandy Quilt # 1 & # 2 Are On Their Way

Since November, 2012 I’ve been pouring my heart into the assembly and completion of two very special quilts.  These two quilts were destined for victims of Hurricane Sandy.  After spending so much time immersed in their presence I became quite attached.  Sooner or later I knew we would part company.

Yesterday Was that Day

Not wanting to delay their match up with a well deserved recipient I carefully packaged them for their journey to the distribution center in New Jersey.  Before sealing the shipping container I inserted a letter to each one of the future owners.  In my letter I shared with them the details of their quilt as well as my hope for better days.  With the letters safely tucked inside the plastic surrounding each quilt I closed the lid to the box then sealed it with tape.

One Last Journey

I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to share these two quilts with other fellow quilters.  On several occasions they traveled with me to my quilt guild meetings.  This trip however would be the last one they would make while under my care.

My hubby came with me to deliver them to our local shipper.  After parking our vehicle I retrieved the package containing the two special quilts.  I carried the box inside then placed it on the counter.  I shared with the attendant the address of their destination then paid for their transportation.  I was informed that the quilts would arrive in New Jersey on Thursday of this week.  So that I could follow along with their progress I obtained a tracking number.

Once they arrive they will processed then scheduled for delivery to their new owner.  How long that will take I do not know.  Hopefully it won’t be long before they are cradled in the arms of their new owner.

One Last Look

Before packaging up the quilts I took one last photo.  Here they are.



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A Look Back at January

Before I completely say good-bye to January here were some of the highlights

A Lovely Year of Finishes




A Fabric Bundle

IMG_3043 New

Sandy Quilt # 2 Update


The Composition Cover


Heart and Home Quilt Update


Take A Look at This


and This


Sandy Quilt # 2 Finished


Daisy Cafe & Cupcakery


Just imagine, that’s only the highlights!  January was an incredibly busy month.  One can only guess what February holds in store.  I look forward to unfolding its pages.  See you soon!

February Goal

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Believe it or not the first month of 2013’s A Lovely Year of Finishes challenge has passed us by.  I successfully registered and completed my January goal.  Last Wednesday I shared pictures of the finished project Sandy Quilt # 2.  Now that a new month has already dawned it’s time once again to announce my goal.  During February my intention is to bring to completion Sandy Quilt # 3.  Here’s a sneak peek


Be watching for my progress as I post updates along the way.  While you are at it visit Sew BitterSweet Designs to monitor the other participants.