February Goal

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Believe it or not the first month of 2013’s A Lovely Year of Finishes challenge has passed us by.  I successfully registered and completed my January goal.  Last Wednesday I shared pictures of the finished project Sandy Quilt # 2.  Now that a new month has already dawned it’s time once again to announce my goal.  During February my intention is to bring to completion Sandy Quilt # 3.  Here’s a sneak peek


Be watching for my progress as I post updates along the way.  While you are at it visit Sew BitterSweet Designs to monitor the other participants.

Sandy Quilt # 2 is Finished

Another One Is Finished

Since November of 2012 I have been focusing my attention on the Sandy Quilt Block project over at the Quilting Gallery.  Earlier this month I decided to enroll in the A Year of Lovely Finishes challenge.

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I designated January as the month to finish up Sandy Quilt # 2.  I’m thrilled to report I did indeed successfully reach my goal.  Pictured below are a few of the photos I took of the quilt.





You may find links to the history of this quilt here

These are its vital statistics:

  • The quilt has 6 rows of 7 blocks each for a total of 42 blocks
  • The quilt measures 85 1/2″ wide  x 97″ long
  • The origin of the blocks was Florida (4) , Massachusetts (6), Pennsylvania (2), Texas (10) and Wisconsin (20)
  • The quilt has two borders.  Border # 1 is brown and measures 3″ wide.  Border # 2 is black and measures 4″ wide.
  • The binding is black
  • The brand of batting is Warm & Natural
  • The backing was constructed from a beige and navy blue print fabric donated by one of the block contributors.
  • The quilt was quilted with an all-over meander stitch

On to Sandy Quilt # 3

Sandy Quilt # 3 is well underway.  I expect to wrap that quilt up in February.  I encourage you to stop by Freshly Pieced for their weekly WIP link-up and Sew BitterSweet Designs for the January Finishes in the 2013 A Lovely Year of Finishes.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Take A Look

Take A Look


I was fortunate to receive this absolutely stunning wall hanging from my oldest daughter.  She presented it to me quite some time ago.  Delaying its announcement was my unending focus on my Sandy Quilt project.

Sandy Quilt Block Drive

The wall hanging adorns the wall directly in front of my sewing machine.  This location was chosen so the wall hanging would be within my sight every time I sat down to sew.  I take great pleasure in the ray of sunshine it adds to my environment.  The batiks are bright and cheery.  Just the splash of color needed to add a bit of pizzazz to my day.   I’m so thankful she chose me as the lucky recipient.

Cash & Carry

The other gift I received from my daughter was this sweet little zipper pouch known as Cash and Carry by Atkinson Designs.


I know she had fun creating this pouch because she went on to make several more.  I’m very much looking forward to using it.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Sandy Quilt # 2 Update


Since I am a veteran of multitasking I see no problem in combining my WIP posts for Freshly Pieced with A Lovely Year of Finishes updates for SewBittersweet Designs.  Last week I made a commitment to participate in the A Lovely Year of Finishes.  Rather than share the details of the challenge in this post you may find them here
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Update to First Month’s Project

My first designated entry in my self-imposed deadline is the Sandy Quilt # 2.  If you are not familiar with the Sandy Quilt program you can find details over here.  I’ve been making slow but steady progress on this wonderful quilt as noted here, here, here, here,  and here.  Since registering this quilt in the A Lovely Year of Finishes challenge I have finished applying the quilting and removed it from my Tin Lizzie long arm quilter.  Here are a few pictures of my progress.

IMG_3099_New IMG_3104_New IMG_3107_New

I’m very happy with the outcome so far.  By the end of this month I will have added the participant’s labels and applied the binding.  I can’t wait to share photos of the completed Sandy Quilt # 2.

That’s A Wrap

That’s it for this weeks WIP post and my second installment in my A Lovely Year of Finishes updates.  I hope your week was as productive as mine.  Now it’s your turn to share your progress.  I’m heading over to Freshly Pieced‘s Wednesday Work In Progress and Sew Bittersweet Design to see what you’ve been up to.  Let’s all share in the enthusiasm!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Freshly Pieced Fabric Bundle

Sandy Quilt # 2


Greetings fellow quilters!  Once again it is time to share our WIP.  Last week I set myself the goal of finishing Sandy Quilt # 2 (you may follow my progress here, here and here).  While my intentions were genuine my schedule didn’t agree.  I was, however, able to get it loaded on my long arm quilt machine.  Finishing it before next Wednesday should not be an issue.

My Scrap Bins Overfloweth

Those of you that link up on Wednesday with Freshly Pieced may remember Lee’s post from last week, My Scrap Bins Overfloweth.  She shared her joy at successfully organizing her scraps.  Included in her post was a photo of ten bins each containing color coordinated scraps.  At first I was pretty impressed.  As I read further I realized her ten neatly arranged containers only represented a small portion of her stash.  Further down in her post she confessed the reason why her stash of scraps looked so organized.  Pictured there were nine gallon sized plastic bags stuffed with her overfloweth scraps.  Rather than attempt to utilize those fabrics in projects of her own she offered them up for sale.

Should I or Shouldn’t I

The ability to purchase one of those bags intrigued me.  I thought of it as my own mystery challenge.  There was no way of knowing what colors or size the pieces would be.  Lee assured her readers there were 1.5 pounds of fabric in each one gallon plastic bag.  It didn’t take me long to decide to jump on the band-wagon.

Let’s Make a Deal

To purchase a bag all Lee’s readers had to do was send her an email.  From there she would provide instructions for payment.  I instantly opened up a second web-browser page and signed into my email.  Quickly I typed my message to Lee.  In no time we had the transaction finalized and my shipment was on its way.

Fast Forward

On Monday, January 7th I went out to my mailbox.  I opened the door and leaned over.  Stuffed inside was a package obviously a bit to large for the mailbox.  I reached inside to withdraw the envelope.  At first I was somewhat puzzled.  I have been waiting for shipments of Sandy Quilt blocks for quite some time.  Two of the pending packages would be for two squares each and the remaining shipment would be of ten squares.

Obviously this envelope was much, much too large for the two quilt square shipments.  Then I thought perhaps it was the ten quilt square package.  Although that didn’t seem quite right either.  The individual assembling those ten squares has yet to respond to my messages.  At this point I don’t know whether they intend to follow through with their commitment.  So, just who was this mystery envelope from???

Oh, Cool!!

I carried my mail to my car.  I had stopped on my way out of the driveway to retrieve the mail before leaving for a dentist appointment.  My curiosity got the best of me though because the contents of this mystery package just had to be solved.  I turned the envelope over in my hands and looked for the return address.  The name and address didn’t seem familiar and definitely was not that of the person that owes me ten Sandy Quilt Blocks.  Without much further delay I attempted to open the envelope.

The red, white and blue envelope was bulging at its seams.  Thankfully the shipper had surrounded the edges with plastic tape.  The tape helped to keep the envelope from exploding.  I successfully found one section void of tape.  I used that as my entry point.  Because I didn’t know exactly what was inside I was careful not to cause damage to the contents.

Overfloweth Scraps

After creating an opening I peered inside.  A great big smile washed over my face.  One look told me exactly what was in there.  This was the one gallon bag stuffed with one ninth of Lee’s overfloweth scraps.  I’ve been so incredibly busy of late that I had almost forgotten about the fabrics.  I was disappointed because I couldn’t take the package in the house to empty the contents.  They just would have to wait until I returned from the dentist.

Oh My Goodness

As soon as I returned home I retrieved the obviously over-stuffed envelope from my car and carried it inside.  It took a bit of convincing to slide the plastic bag from the interior of the envelope.  Lee was right when she said they were stuffed.  Quickly I unzipped the plastic bag and dumped out the contents.

IMG_3039 New


I was very pleasantly surprised at the quantity and variety of fabrics included.  I giggled at the colors and prints before me.  They were fabrics that typically have not been included in my stash.  Lately I’ve been marveling at the brightly colored prints and solids being used by my fellow quilters.  I’ve longed for a new infusion of modern specimens to include in my inventory.  This was just what I needed.  Although it certainly opened the door to modern options the quantity definitely would only make a dent in my stash.

My Mind was Spinning

Carefully I separated the individual pieces of fabric into piles of like colors.  Next I turned on my iron and prepared to neatly press them.  One by one I made my way through the pile.  When I was finished this is what I had.

IMG_3043 New

Now doesn’t that look awesome.  There is a wealth of potential in this accumulation of Lee’s overfloweth scraps.  Deciding exactly what to create is my next step.  I’m thinking I would like to use all of them in one project.  Perhaps it might even turn out to be an item I offer up as a give away.  Who knows?  For now I’m thrilled just to have them here.

That’s it For Now

I think I’ve bent your ear long enough.  There are loads of WIP participants over at Freshly Pieced to peek in on so hurry on over.  Until next week concentrate on finishing your WIP’s (works in progress).



Sandy Quilt # 2 Ready for Quilting

Remember last week how I told you I was going to update my work-in-progress list and set a goal to finish as many projects on that list as possible?  Well I just got the incentive I needed to forge ahead.  Over at Sew BitterSweet Designs and Fiber of All Sorts they’re hosting the 2013 A Lovely Year of Finishes.

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To learn all the details and get yourself connected hop on over to either blog.  No time to procrastinate though because the deadline to enter is TODAY!

The first project I will be entering is my second Sandy Quilt.  The quilt was just loaded on my long arm machine and is now waiting to be quilted.  Once I have the quilting done it’s on to binding and labels.


So . . . ready or not . . . I’m linking up with the 2013 A Lovely Year of Finishes

Happy New Year

2013 has arrived.  The party hats are gone and the bells and whistles are silent.  Time to open a new chapter.  My sewing rooms have been whirring with activity.  Today I’ve been spending time sorting through remnants of Sandy Quilt # 1 as I look back on my recent accomplishments.

Until I sat down to list my completed projects I had thought the list would be small.  Now I’m amazed at the length.  Here’s what’s finished:

1.  Applied the binding to Sandy Quilt # 1.

  1. Blanket stitched around the labels for Sandy Quilt # 1.






3.  Finished Sandy Quilt # 1.  You may find links to the history of this quilt here, here and here.  These are its vital statistics:

  • The quilt has 6 rows of 7 blocks each = 42 blocks
  • The quilt measures 85 1/2″ wide  x 97″ long
  • The blocks came from Michigan (4) , Tennessee (14), Vermont (1), Washington (6) and Wisconsin (17)
  • The quilt has two borders.  Border # 1 is lavender and measures 3″ wide.  Border # 2 is black and measures 4″ wide.
  • The binding is black
  • The brand of batting is Warm & Natural
  • The backing was constructed from a variety of blue fabrics from my very own stash.


4.  Mailed the blog hop prize.


5.  Cut out and completely assembled five Hold Anything Bags by Dancing Cranes Designs


6.  Gathered together supplies and finished two pressing boards, one for myself and one for my oldest daughter.

Next Week

On the agenda for next week

1.  Finish assembling the quilt back for Sandy Quilt # 2 (already done)

2.  Quilt Sandy Quilt # 2

3.  Bind Sandy Quilt # 2

4.  Add the labels to Sandy Quilt # 2

5.  Start Sandy Quilt # 3

But, before I do that I must finish cleaning my sewing room.

I’m linking up with Freshly Pieced.  Go see what other quilters have been working on.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Sandy Quilts: Just Not the Same

Plugging Away

I’ve been plugging away at the Sandy Quilt Block project, pressing, trimming and stitching together blocks to make four quilt tops.  Recently I took delivery of twenty absolutely gorgeous blocks.  The creator used an assortment of quality fabrics to create them.  Each one was meticulously cut, stitched and pressed.  The blocks looked wonderful except for one small glitch.  She unfortunately missed a pattern detail.  That detail instructed the seamstress to add a two-inch border of black, brown or grey fabric on all four sides of each square.  Judging by the quality of her work I know this omission was simply an oversight.  I am certain she would never intentionally skip this step.

So What Do I Do?

It would seem natural to ship the quilt squares back to the donor and ask her to add the missing borders, but I didn’t have the heart to do it.  I had already made twenty blocks of my own and figured my workstation was already set up.  The most logical solution to me was finish the quilt squares myself..

Via email I contacted her to share with her my plans.  Although embarrassed, she was very appreciative.  By sharing with her the omission she was able to avoid a repeat occurrence.  She was creating a second set of twenty Sandy Quilt Blocks to donate to a second quilter.  Our conversation saved her the embarrassment of a repeat experience.

Extra Strips

When I was finished assembling my set of twenty blocks I found myself with extra two-inch strips of black fabric.  I set aside the extra strips hoping I might find a use for them in the future.  Little did I know I would be using them so soon.

Not Enough

My plan was to long arm quilt all four Sandy Quilts, one right after the other.  With the first quilt top ready and waiting I moved on to the next group of forty-two blocks.  One by one I pressed each of them in preparation for their “wonky” cut.  As I came to the pile of twenty blocks, void of their two-inch dark fabric borders, I retrieved my previously stashed extra strips.  I carefully pressed them then began adding a section to all four sides.  As I added them I noticed my stash wasn’t as abundant as previously thought.  My pile was evaporating much too quickly.  With my pre-cut stash of two-inch strips dwindling I knew I must find another resource.

Another Resource

I set my rotary cutter aside and hushed the steam escaping from my iron.  I paused a moment to ponder my options.  I began a mental search trying to recall possible specimens lurking in my inventory.  My memory’s not what it once was thus relying on any data filtering from my brain was risky.  The simplest and easiest route was to pull storage boxes from my shelves and begin exploring.

Organization Plus

Scrounging through my stash is not at all laborious.  My regular readers are well aware of my tendency towards perfectionism.  Having this quality means my sewing room is well-organized.  All of my “in waiting” fabrics are carefully sorted and neatly filed in labeled storage bins.  When the need arises for a particular color I simply pull the corresponding bin from my shelves.  This method of storing my fabrics has proved to be a real time saver.

Plan B

I retrieved the bin containing my dark fabrics.  My fingers flipped through the candidates looking for just the right match.  I did find a small piece of black fabric.  Even though it couldn’t possibly fill my entire need it certainly would help.  To my dismay my stash did not eliminate my deficit.  Now what?  On to Plan B.

Next Option

Aside from making another visit to a fabric store, an option of which I take great joy in, in the interest of saving time and money, for now, I opted to draw from the stack of fabric already purchased and planned for borders and binding of the four Sandy Quilts I am making.  Taking fabric from that resource was certainly helpful but again was only delaying the need to replenish.

How Can These Not Match?

I retrieved the bag from the fabric store and pulled out the huge pile of black fabric.  I set it along side the scraps of fabric remaining from my twenty blocks.  I was surprised and disappointed that not only were their textures different but so too were their colors.  How in the world could the shades of black be so different?  Isn’t black, black?  Thankfully I hadn’t stopped mid-way on a quilt block.  If I had the “blacks” would not have matched.

All Done

From my border and binding inventory I cut the remaining two-inch strips I needed to complete my adopted twenty quilt blocks.  As I cut the strips I made note of the quantity I removed.  A trip to the fabric store would have to be made ASAP.  Hopefully I would be able to find fabric matching the same die lot as my already purchased fabric.

IMG_2729_New Here’s one of the quilt squares before adding the black borders



One finished quilt square


A sampling of the twenty repaired quilt squares

The twenty adopted Sandy Quilt Blocks are now all finished.  Each one sports a brand new set of two-inch black borders.  Now they too can join the rest of the quilt blocks awaiting their “wonky” cut.  Before long they will be side-to-side with twenty-two other blocks, all sewn together and on their way to a lucky recipient.

If you would like to revisit my previous Sandy Quilt Block posts you may find them here, here, and here.

Time to get back to sewing!  Talk to you soon.  Take care!

Sandy Quilt # 2: Will the Dust Ever Settle

I like Patricia.

I LOVE Patricia.

Patricia makes coffee nervous.

said Tom Hanks in the movie You’ve Got Mail

What a Whirlwind

Things have been frantic here.  Narrowing down the exact cause is difficult.  Perhaps it’s because . . .

I’m busy, busy, busy with the Sandy Quilt Block project,

Sandy Quilt Block Drive

I’m having a blast with Quilting Gallery’s Blog Hop and my own give away,

Blog Hop Party with Give-Aways

perhaps I’ve had way too much coffee, or maybe too much chocolate!  What ever the reason I think I could make coffee nervous.

Sandy Quilt Block Update

On a daily basis, my progress on the Sandy Quilt Block project appears to be proceeding at a snail’s pace.  When I step back and look at what I have accomplished since last week I get a completely different perspective.  Over the past seven days I’ve completely assembled my second set of 42 donated quilt squares.  To those squares I have added two borders.  The first border is brown and the outer most frame is black.  This second quilt is now hanging in my quilting room awaiting installation on my long arm quilt machine.  Here’s a photo of the second quilt top


Two More Quilt Tops

I registered to make four quilts for the Sandy Quilt Block project.  With two of them ready for quilting that obviously means I only have two to go.  My intentions were to continue with the assembly process until all four quilts were complete.  Unfortunately the blocks are arriving at a much  s  l  o  w  e  r  pace and there are very few squares in my to-do pile.  Rather than wait for the others to arrive I’m will be loading the first quilt on my long arm machine tomorrow.  If all goes well my goal is to have it quilted and bound by next Wednesday.  Let’s see how successful I can be.

The Give Away Count Down Clock is Ticking

As mentioned above I’m participating in Quilting Gallery’s Blog Hop.  I’ve lost count of the number of blogs I have visited and registered for free merchandise.  You too can join in the fun by following Quilting Gallery’s link above.  At her blog you will have no less than 174 places to cruise.  Among those 174 is a link for my very own blog.  To register to win one of my adorable Hold Anything Bags by Dancing Cranes Design simply follow this link.  There you will find everything one needs to know to enter.  Don’t you dare miss out on this wonderful opportunity.  Hop on over there now.

I’m Linking Up

That about wraps it up for me.  I’m linking up with Freshly Pieced.  Stop on over and check out what everyone else has been doing.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced