My Mind Is Racing

I think I have a touch of ADD. Do you ever have that problem? You know the inability to focus on one thing at a time. It seeps into all aspects of my life. For example: when I’m cleaning the house, rather than starting in a room and staying at it until it’s finished, then moving on to the next, I find myself starting tasks all over the house. Finding my way back to what I originally started eventually happens. Although it may not occur for days. I’ve often thought I have the makings of dementia or Alzheimer’s but then when I remind myself of the rabbit trail I have been on I realize it’s simply a huge case of multitasking out of control.

The same holds true for sewing. I easily get energized by new and different projects which leads to oodles of unfinished or never started items. This inability to stay fixed on one area has filled my storage drawers with stacks of projects waiting for my attention. They kind of fly under the radar, always in the back of my mind but never my number one focus.

The birth of this post is another example. My original goal for this morning was to go into my quilting studio and work on a project.  Not long after crossing the threshold my mind began spinning. I struggled with the endless list of possible projects. I couldn’t decide if I should work on one of the two items glaring at me in the back corner of my studio, start a new project or reinvent something that’s been hanging in my unfinished objects (UFO) closet since the early 1990’s. My thoughts were like spaghetti simmering in a pot of water. Untangling them to find a central focus seemed almost impossible. The churning thoughts inspired me to write this post.

So, here I sit, spilling words out on to this electronic page hoping to somehow sort out today’s priorities. Who knows where my wandering mind will lead me? My heart secretly hopes reinventing one of my UFO quilt tops is where I land. But then again maybe……

Here’s a sneak peek at one of my candidates