Let’s Catch-Up

It’s been a long time since I last posted. You may be wondering what’s caused my extended period of silence. So many things have denied me the opportunity to sit before my computer for any length of time. Among those were of course the holidays, birthday celebrations, sewing projects as well as a prolonged illness. While my illness afforded me the chance to write a post or two I made the decision to focus on creating food menus for my family through mid May. Now that My health is nearly back to normal its time to get back in the groove.

I have so many things to tell you and so many projects to share. Rather than lump them all into one potentially insanely long narrative I will restrain myself and limit my updates to one project at a time. Featured today is a table runner expertly assembled by Julie N.

Julie, the creator of this wonderful auction quilt, originally contacted me to ask if I would have time to Longarm quilt her recently completed project. I would never turn down the opportunity to work with one of her projects because they are always so expertly assembled and carefully pressed. The extra care she invests in her craft makes my task so much easier. Rather than spending my time repairing open seams, squaring up misshapen edges and pressing badly wrinkled fabrics I can focus all my attention on the art of Longarm quilting.

By the time I finally took delivery of her project the subject had changed from a quilt to a table runner. The table runner was made for a wedding gift. The window of opportunity to Longarm quilt the table runner was small with no time to waste. The top and bottom edges of Julie’s table runner came to a peak. Since only straight edges can be loaded onto the rollers of my machine I had to attach temporary filler pieces to fill in on either side of the peaks.

Julie let me choose the thread color as well as the stitch design. I chose a soft gray thread and a flowing swirl stitch pattern. The swirl stitch is one of my favorites. Both were selected to quietly compliment her project. Here’s how Julie N’s table runner turned out.



I enjoyed working with your project Julie N! Thank you for the opportunity!

Cindy Anderson of In A Stitch Quilting


Pam’s Disappearing Hourglass

Pam, a faithful customer, brought me another one of her items for quilting. It was made using Missouri Star Quilting’s pattern called  Disappearing Hourglass.

As Pam talked about the quilt’s history she confessed it didn’t turn out exactly as she had hoped. During the construction process something went wrong. Pam wanted to show me where the happy surprises were but I stopped her right away. I thought the quilt looked pretty and didn’t want my focus to be pointed in their direction.

Using a thread color chosen by Pam I stitched a random geometric pattern of straight lines. Pam was very thrilled with the final outcome. Here’s a few photos of Pam’s Disappearing Hourglass quilt.

russell_dhrussell_dh_detailrussell_dh_detail_2russell_dh_quilt_backThank you Pam for once again trusting me with one of your masterpieces. I look forward to our next joint adventure.

Cindy Anderson