Window Box Quilt

Free Fabric

In June of 2016 my name was chosen as the lucky winner to receive 12 yards of free fabric. The 12 yards would be collected one yard at a time over the course of 12 months. The last month I was eligible was May of this year. The very first time I went to collect my free fabric I met three other friends at the fabric store. While shopping we discovered we all liked the same bolt of fabric. The fabric, as shown in this photo, is the one on the top of the pile.


A Challenge

Since we all liked the same fabric we thought it would be fun to have a challenge. We decided jointly to meet up again in December of 2016 with our finished art piece. The idea of a challenge seemed fun and easily attainable. But, you know how easy it is to put those plans on the back burner. The date for our group rendezvous was moved several times. Sadly, as of today it has never been rescheduled.

Pattern Chosen

Even though our group activity has never taken place I was still bound and determined to conquer my goal. I set out to find a pattern and coordinating fabrics to utilize in my quest. After leafing through pages and pages of quilting books I finally decided to use the Window Box pattern from the book Color Shuffle by Karla Alexander. I’ve included a link to the authors website. Unfortunately the book is no longer available from her. All of the fabrics, except for the challenge piece, were taken from my stash.

Progress Made

In February of this year, with the Super Bowl on in the background, I gathered up my supplies and started my quilt (On My Table Today). These are some of the fabrics I chose along with photos of a few quilt blocks.

Window Box Yellows
Window Box Yellows
Window Box Aquas
Window Box Aquas/Teals
Window Box Quilt Square
Window Box Quilt Square Ready to be Stitched
Window Box Quilt Blocks
Window Box Quilt Blocks

I’m happy to report that all 80 of the quilt block have been assembled and my quilt top is now ready for quilting. Once that part is accomplished I will bring you an update. On to the next project.

Cindy Anderson