Friday Favorites: Slipping Rulers

IMG_7639_ffWelcome to Friday Favorites.  This is my chance to step up to the podium and present my latest and greatest item.  So sit back and relax, and let’s share the next few minutes discovering what’s new.


I can’t count how many times I’ve carefully lined up my ruler, grabbed my rotary cutter, clicked the release, zipped my cutter through my fabric, then discovered my ruler drifted as I cut.  Now, instead of an evenly cut strip I have what looks like a wavy line.  Darn!!  That means once again I must square up my main piece of fabric and attempt to take yet another stab at cutting another strip.  How many times have you done that?

I’m sure there are those out there that never have that problem, or perhaps they would never admit it.  Even though the misshapen strip can be trimmed to a narrower width and used perhaps in a “Sandy Quilt Block,” making fewer mistakes is the cheaper route to take.

Quilting Gadgets

A few years back, I had the privilege of attending the Wisconsin Quilt Expo.  What a wonderful opportunity for sampling a smorgasbord of quilting gadgets.  Not only can you touch them but you also can observe them in action as the vendor entertains the crowds with a demonstration.

One of the demonstrations I took a fancy to was Booth # 1132 .  It wasn’t a very large space.  No fancy decorations or displays.  Just a simple curtain draped table.  The lack of bells and whistles didn’t, in any way, hinder my attention.  What grabbed my eye was the pleasant demeanor of the young lady as she willingly demonstrated, over and over again, very clever gadgets for cutting and assembling bindings as well as a solution for slipping rulers.  The binding gadgets I will share in a future post.

The Solution Is

The solution to my sliding ruler is a nifty set of True Grips.

1.  They’re small round, clear, stick on disks that adhere to the back of your ruler.

2.  They’re clear and thus don’t obstruct your view.

3.  What makes them work so effectively is the, how do I describe it, gel like texture.  A ruler that stays put, how awesome!

I Was Skeptical

Initially I was a little bit skeptical.  I’ve tried the stick on sand paper disks but the grit eventually wears off and the disks, because they are not opaque can hinder your view.  Since they seemed as though they could solve one of my many pet peeves I decided to purchase a package.  True Grips are sold in packages of fifteen.

I Couldn’t Wait

Excited and eager to try out my new gadget I installed the True Grips on the back of one of my rulers.  I wasn’t about to put them on every ruler until I had put them through a test drive.  From the very first moment I was pleased with the outcome.  My first, second and third passes with my rotary cutter produced perfectly cut strips, all exactly how they were meant to be.

Immediate Success

My immediate success encouraged me to remove the rest of the disks and install them on as many rulers as I could.  Fifteen disks sounded like a lot but when I began gathering my rulers I realized they wouldn’t go far.  Not to worry though, I can always purchase more.  I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the effectiveness of these simple disks.  So, if you are adventurous, why not try out a package of True Grips yourself.  What do you have to lose?


I must tell you that I do not in any way receive compensation from the maker, nor the distributors of this product.  My only motivation in sharing this information is my own enthusiasm for a product that I believe works.  Whether or not your experience has been or will be the same I can not guarantee.

A Little Ingenuity

I recently went on another extended retreat to my Little Cabin In the Woods. Before leaving for my trip I tried anticipating all of the supplies I would need. Packing for my sewing projects is the toughest. Trying to account for every gadget/supply item that might be needed is challenging. I almost always forget at least one thing. Typically I will think of it 3/4’s of the way into my travels. By then it’s way too late to turn around.

For this trip I didn’t realize I was missing something until I looked for it in my cases. The item I was missing was the tool I use when constructing bindings called the TQM Binding Tool. I’ve grown so accustomed to using it that I can’t imagine working without it. I acquired the tool from a local quilt expo a few years back.

The project I was intending to work on was my reinvented iPad Tote. The outside edges are encased in a binding. Obviously the binding had two ends that would have to be joined together. With my gadget missing I was at a loss. Well at least until I had a brainstorm.

I had my oldest daughter hooked on the same gadget so I knew she had one at home. Since she was only a phone call away I figured I could call her, get the dimensions of the gadget, as well as it’s included markings, and directions. With one simple call I had all the information I needed.

Using those details I was able to improvise and make one out of a section of Peltex I just happened to have with me. I was so relieved to be able to reconstruct the device. My homemade gadget worked perfectly. Now I keep it in my case at all times just in case I forget to bring the real thing. Here’s a photo of my hand-made tool.

IMG_0188_newThanks for sharing your time with me. I look forward to our next visit. Any comments?

Cindy Anderson of In A Stitch Quilting