Quilt Retreat Day One

After weeks and weeks of constant motion, motion like that of a spinning top, Ive found myself on a 10 day breather at my little cabin in the woods (LCITW). The anticipation leading up to this respite has reignited my enthusiasm for my art, fabrics and all things related. This excitement or drive has been stifled by the many activities stuffed into my daily calendar.

Favorite Place

Carefully packed into my vehicle were totes filled with some of my favorite quilting books, piles of fabrics, spools and spools of thread as well as an inventory of rulers, my rotary cutter and enough projects to last me for weeks to come. While I will admit that I may have gone slightly overboard, just a tad, with the volume of items I brought, I have to say I would much rather have a variety of options to choose from. It gives me the chance to be more creative.

Retreat Books.jpg

Of all the projects that I brought with there’s one that will definitely be completed and that is the lap quilt I’ve been commissioned to make by my sister-in-law. Once that ones finished the sky’s the limit.Circuit Quilt.jpg

Well, it’s time to call it a day. It’s very late and I’m exhausted from all the packing, traveling, unpacking, etc. Tomorrow’s a new day.

Cindy Anderson

A Time to Rest


It has been a while!

I feel like it’s been years since we last visited. My summer months were filled with an abundance of activity. Activities which filled my heart with joy and absolutely drained every once of energy I could muster.

purple_majestyI’ve been home from my Little Cabin in the Woods for just over two weeks. Two weeks that were a buzz with activity. All of the items that might fall victim to possible four legged vermin were removed from my summer retreat and transported back home for safe keeping. Once home they all needed to find their haven for winter respite. With those all tucked away it was time for a good old fashioned house cleaning both physically and mentally.

sweet_lavenderWhile I find great joy in my travels far from home, it can be exhausting. Recharging my body as well as my mind takes a little more effort each year. Of course that couldn’t have anything to do with my advancing years. Or could it? 🙂


Seeds_of_Life.jpgThis year I felt so absolutely drained that the thought of writing couldn’t be farther from my mind, let alone even opening the door to my studio. The lack of enthusiasm left my creative self feeling lost, like a ship floating adrift at sea. The concern that I might not find my sense of direction left me even more overwhelmed.

Orange_Lichen.jpgSo, how did I recover? With my self-imposed chores accomplished I allowed myself to relax and find joy in the simple everyday tasks of living. I slept. I read. I walked.


Rings_Of_Life.jpgThese steps toward renewed energy slowly rekindled my love for the world of art. From a little spark came the motivation to re-enter my studio. Opening that door brought back the joy I feel when surrounded by the vibrant colors of my finished pieces as well as the virgin fabrics just waiting for my attention.

Patterns_In_Nature.jpgThis renewed sense of enthusiasm is where I am at today. I’m energized and ready to press on.

Lichen.jpgCindy Anderson


P.S. The photos I’m sharing were taken while out on my many walks in northern Wisconsin. I hope you enjoy them.


Flash Back: What Fuels Your Inspiration?

Flash Back

We are taking another trip down memory lane. This is the eighth posting in the series called Flash Back. The original post was shared way back in July of 2012. I hope you will find it as informative as I do.


There are times when words flow from my fingers like water over a falls. There are also days when my creativity seems cut off like water from a vine. What causes this dilemma? Is it fatigue? Is it my environment? How do I restore my creativity?

What keeps your creative juices flowing? I would imagine if you posed that question to a room filled with people you would probably amass an endless list of topics. Since we are all unique our paths to creativity are as well. Recently I read an interesting article about fueling your passion. The author suggested purposely scheduling time, in your day, week, or month to pause and nurture your creative talents.

Carving out time to relax and rejuvenate is not always easy. Life today is constantly in motion. When I do take time to pause and slow down I feel a renewed sense of energy. One of my favorite ways to relax is a trip to a coffee shop. Sinking into a comfy chair with a soothing cup of java clears my head and restores my focus.

Also on my list of rejuvenating activities are a quiet stroll through nature, listening to soft music, lounging on either my front or back porch, a visit to an art fair or gallery, shopping at one of my favorite fabric stores and a quiet evening with a movie. Have you made a list of things that excite your creativity? If so, what would be on your list?

When’s the last time you recharged your creative battery? If it’s been a while then I suggest you carve a block of time out of your calendar to do so soon. Go ahead, treat yourself. It’s well worth it.

Cindy Anderson of In A Stitch Quilting