Music to My Ears

012 (2)Music comes in many forms; most of which soothe my inner being and bring a gentle rhythm to my day. When I quilt on my long arm quilting machine I use music to help me relax and eliminate the tension that can often build in my shoulders.

There’s one sound that has nothing to do with musical notes yet is also pleasant to my ears. That sound is the music made by my quilt machine when it is running properly. This too helps me to stay relaxed and focused on the quilt before me.

Cindy Anderson at In A Stitch Quilting

Brain Freeze

Rotary Gardens

Have you ever consumed an icy-cold beverage or an ice cream cone that brought about a painful sensation in your brain?

A sensation that is commonly referred to as brain freeze.

The feeling causes you to pause,

if only for a moment,

to wait for it to pass.

Brain freeze is something I often refer to as the moments when my mind cannot retrieve the thoughts or words I crave.

Words that are just far enough out of reach that I cannot touch them.

As I age these moments or occasions occur more frequently.

At times I fear I’m some how afflicted by the dreaded disease known as Alzheimer’s.

Then other times I find reassurance in knowing that other people share the same frustration with stumblings of the very same nature.

It’s then that I am reminded that it’s a normal phenomena.

Just part of being human.

Frustrating as it is,

it’s healthier to let them slip away

rather than allow them to cripple you

with fear.

Cindy Anderson of In A Stitch Quilting